Thursday, April 30, 2009

cracking heart

i've tried to not cry..
but still it doesn't work..
still the tears roll out..

two times i feel like this..
exactly the same as last see the faces i don't know in the newspaper..
my heart's so sick..

when i can get my result?
i hate uncertainty..
i'm not afraid of tears..
i'm used to it..
but i hate myself when i'm crying..

i still have a chance..
don't let me down..

he told me this:
" we should never be afraid of tears..They soften our hearts,wash our eyes and clear our vision"

being optimist...!!!!
bless me God..
i need Your miracle...

GB all..

Monday, April 27, 2009

love people except annoying one

lg pengen banget ngomel2 deh...haeh.. minggu..
k sun..(>_<).. bukan karena senang k sun karena ktmu teman2..yg plg ga bisa d rubah dr kami?haha..gosip...even co2 jg ngegosip.. smalem cuma 6org..they are: caryn:miss manja yet bandel yet fashionable..
tini: miss cheerful !
jess : miss active..
suhe: yg suka ngegosip jg..
joel :wah.the his new piercing..!ckckck..
n me...i dunno wat word to describe me..=)
we didn't go anywhere..
mostly stayed at foodcourt n chatting..
go around n around..caryn bought hair clip n i bought magazine..
uughhh...feel so nice can go to somewhere else besides working..
but also not complete without him..hehe..

aku uda lupa tggl brpa hari mending ga usah itung deh..biar berlalu dengan cepatt...
bagian yg seneng2 uda lewat..
skrang yg nyebelin nih..

knp sih ada yg sewot banget?
you don't need to know who..ngejudge klo aku bela2in mo k spore krna ada pacar..
come on..aku ga munafik..itu salah satu nya emang..
tp kan aku juga liat better prospect n major yg aku mau..
aku jg ga gila lah...wktu dy lg blg itu..aku ga d rmh sih..
ergh!she doesn't understand me at all !
mksdnya apa sih?kok jadinya kek jatuhin aku d dpan mama ku sendri..hal itu bisa aku urus usa dy komentarin..mending dy baek2 aja blajarnya..
4 you who read this..
this is absolutely you don't need to care for..i know 'she' won't read this..
so yah..curhat2 sejenak..krn da alasan yg buat aku ga bisa apa2 dy blg gitu...krna ga tau mo curhat ke sapa jg..hahaha..

who cares rite?i don't care her n her..forget about her!

tp kyknya backstreet aku makin rawan..hahahha..but still enjoy it..
i still won't tell u,mom..n be patient,dear..
just wait..

sebenarnya ada beberapa ga bisa d transfr..
tp bakalan ku transfer kok...hehehe..
but only pic of narcism me..hahahaha....

aduh.....makin ga sabar......
pengen ketemu...n touch n feel him of course...
figthing anyone!!
still not yet get my announcement...sigh..


Friday, April 24, 2009


there's no spirit today..
the heat make me weaker...
n tomorrow will face super loaded job..
i didn't do my job well...
why i'm so stupid?
what can i say?
ooh..i miss him to much..
usually i miss him too..but today is different..
seems i really want to be spoil on him..
ok..i won't continue to write..
coz make me become more pathetic..
i don't wish to..

fighting!!!he'll finish all his final test...!!!

GB anyone....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'd like to write bout monday..i think i'll become one of those who hates's so tiring n lots of job..My sister felt it too,so we went to's nice n i admire the massage therapist rite now..hahah..but we got our body is painful when we woke up?WE DUNNO WHY..

then,some people told me that those who study abroad such as NTU or NUS,when it comes to quiz or exam,they will be "owl"..I mean they'll sleep very late at nite..and it proved !
He's studying n i accompanied him until 2 a.m n in spore was 3 a.m. Pity on him..will be so tired..
But i'm happy coz i could feel he's struggling hard n i besides him..hehe..
didn't chat a lot but saw his face through webcam is enough..miss's worth anyway..=)
fighting, u said,19 days to heaven now..hahaha..

Day 109 without him..ergghh!can't wait until 10th..he promises me..hehe..
gud luck everyone.....


Saturday, April 18, 2009


uuh...tiring day..
i also dunno what i did today..haha..
daily activities of course n today make me confuse..

why people say that my skin is brighter now?
am i so black when i still in school??
my mom said my skin is always bright since i was young..hahaha..
but i'm happy..=)..
i also got 400g chocolate from my uncle..i know he hearts me..hahahah

i almost fainted by the weather here..
hot like hell !!
the weather is unpredictable again..really i got headache of it..

thats all...
i miss him so much n much..

GB all..

Friday, April 17, 2009


i confuse all the time..

some people say " be Optimist ! "
another says " Think the worst.."

how??i really don't understand..
i'm afraid if i'm too optimist..the result will be something i don't expect for..

ok..i have failed one year ago..
and i really ready to fail again.. coz this time is already different..i had followed the exam while last year i were not eligible at all to follow the least i've done my best,rite?

i think i got the conclusion..

be optimist but don't think too far..
deal, Mr. G ?

i need support !!!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

favourite line

ups..i felt very exhausted and sleepy these two days..
i don't know why..

and i don't have interesting things about days,lifes and me to post..
but let me share about my favourite sentences or quotes or line..^^

since he sent me beautiful words,i like to collect them and i tag it from movies,songs,books..
here they are..(juz some),and i think you must know these..

" when you can live forever, what do you live for ?"
yes,it's from twilight..since i watched the movie,now i'm officially twilight-edward cullen-bella
swan fans..(>_<)

" when you have everything,what would you possibly desire ?"

it's from akon's song..i like this song..make me move n knock my head down..hahahaha...

i cannot live forever as edward cullen does and i don't have everything,so i don't know the answer..anyone??

edward will be the most romantic actor in the movies i've ever watched..hahaha..anyone's heart will melt like i do by his every single words he said to bella??hahaha..

in my world?who's the most romantic one? know who...

still..gud luck for us n everyone..cheers...!

Monday, April 13, 2009

gud luck!

wishes everyone gud luckkk..

the most important is his final..(>-<)

nothing to post..


Sunday, April 12, 2009


happy easter..i wish i could go to church but no one accompany me..:(

sunday means nothing today..

just boring day..
one make me happy is when i woke up n got his message..
i really miss him..
can this april flows faster?
or just jump to may n only several days then i could meet him?
impossible i know..

any advice to overcome my missing?

GB everyone..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

dream land?

i dunno wat to post today..So i just mention several places i really wish to go there..
this inspiration comes becoz i watch movies n i was amazed..
even though it's hard to accomplished,let's dream when it's still free rite??
but hopefully i could go there some day..*AMIN*

1st its barcelona.. it's because i watched Meteor garden 2 n really amazed by the church..

why?because i watched it again in a korean movies..
F4 korean version..

inside the hotel n the icon

what is this call?venesia in macau?watever it is,will be very romantic to be here with our lovely.

May Our dream comes true..

still,i'm in the condition of uncertainty..
wish i get the best result..

n wish his final runs well..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kill me!(conotation)

pake bahasa indonesia aja deh ya..
lg males..

tmanku dr met2 dpt kabar dr ntu klo dia lolos d art,design,media..
dpt email nya deh..

tapi kok aku masi under consideration??
hmm..cobaan dari Tuhan kali ya..
biar aku d ajar buat sabar...

aku bersabar..
moga2..dpt hasil yg terbaik...
happy easter smua!!

God bless always...
wish us luck..
n IMU Mr. G

Thursday, April 9, 2009

election day!

ingat contreng, jangan coblos..
that's the most popular words these several days..
i participated in it of course..
hopefully number 31 will win this the motto" LAnjutkan!"

actually today i didn't need to go to work..
but i'm afraid the jobs on saturday will be very much,so yah..better i do it a little..
i'm boring all the times..
n spent my money on magazines too many..
mom will scold me 4 sure..
but how..??i don't have anything to do else..

that's all bout today..
miss GGP so much..
"come back to me"-utada hikaru's song is very suit me now..


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm back..
there's some problem with my speedy several days ago.i can't chat with him..:(
be coz of the storm,some pf the electronics in my house hank i think.first,my DVD player..then my PC..n its hard disk,power supply,last the internet connection!i'm going crazy..coz i dunno wat to do in my free time..stressful..
maybe this will be the longest post i've written here..start!

remember there's a song of lyrics, " i'm a big big girl in the big big world"
i change it into "i'm a lonely lonely girl in the big big world"
let me grumble today,k?
i always wonder bout these:
- does he miss me like i do miss him like hell?
- has he ever think of me like i think of him every single day and nite?
-will he feel strange or weird or worry if i'm not text him like i worry bout him everyday?
OK..he does,he has,he will..
but not as much as i am(i think). I am understand n i must actally..
he's mind has been full loaded by assignment,HW,Quiz n final patient,Jen..ONE more month left then you could spend the time together with him..
No offense, need to care wat i wrote..i always support n wait 4,must get gud mark coz that's the only thing worth.(^-^)

bout my result,i still don't get anything while others had got their email..
Wish i become one of those who are accepted by NTU.
i still have chance..wish me luck,ok?

what can i say to describe me?
oh..I'm a cracking glass..very fragile n ready to break..hahaha...

most fav korean series n i'm the fans!
boys before flower..must watch it..

enough then...
take care everyone..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool?

i don't like today..

i need miracle..
please..give me one only...

actually i have a very good mood to write a lot..
but after i heard bout anything today..
i won't write more anymore..

see yah
wish us luck..