Saturday, August 29, 2009

end of august

hardly just realized tomorrow will be 31st august which means it's the end of august..

I'll start my college life soon..
i joined their orientation n i don't think i will make a good friend there except with 2 friends i have known already..
I'm not really excited to start the college honestly..
but i do want to study very very well...
talking about the orientation, i don't have idea why i joined that..
really tired... first i've made mistakes n being punished by them..
it's the most embracing moment ever !!!
stupid PEMA frightened us with the stupid condition we would have difficulty in doing thesis if we didn't join them...
ok,stop talk about that..

anyway, i still LOVE September..
many important dates n best moment here..
but this year without my lover n my girl (again)....=(

ah... FIGHTING!!!!!

random picture
i love his smile here.. n others pictures he took in royal sumatra... <3

GB anyone...
nb. miss him and friends so much....

Sunday, August 23, 2009



Well, I don’t have mood and ideas to post blog this several days.. plus,yesterday rained heavily made my inet slower…

When I browsed to some people blog,they mentioned about their wish list on their birthday..

I would like to but I still dunno what goods I want.. maybe tomorrow or other day?

Ah… I’ve thought about one which is the most impossible wish..hahaha

yes,F1 GP s'pore 2009
jacky cheung and beyonce will perform there..
i'n not into racing but the stars..

well.another simple wish list


my soulmate a.k.a D2 :D

have him and them here on my b'day

maybe that's it for today.. to be continued... =)

GB all...!

Friday, August 21, 2009

soon soon


no idea for blogging..

n gonna update soon..

don't happy...=)

yes, how much i miss you hug..


Sunday, August 16, 2009

what a random

hello everybody..
today is weekend..
my maid went home to her village..
hate that n why she should choose our holiday day?
i mean this is not the 1st time she acted like that
indonesian said "plih hari seenak jidat".
i dunno how to say that in english..sorry..kinda pissed off..

okay..i woke up not so early n took brunch..
take care of home.. watched TV n chat with my sephia a.k.a novita..=P
then my master (read mommy) asked me to wash dishes..
it's the job i always do when the maid home..(- - ")
then my auntie,uncle n their daughters come..
so chat 4 a while..
my sister will be having a BBQ tonite..
i want it too..but all of my friends are not here..poor me...

anyway,yesterday i went to a place called "rumah cantik citra" for body scrub..
actually i should choose body massage..
it's nice n if you have time,go ahead..

what i don't like today..
there's a channel in TV showing "Final Destination 2"
yes,it began with that crazy roller coaster accident..
my God,the director is really really good to make people frightened..i' ve ever watched it before, n i just watched it a glance just now, what i got is stress..
i won't watch that anymore..really!
n i think i could not ever try to ride roller coaster when i' m in theme park..

tomorrow will be INDONESIA independent day!
happy birthday, Indonesia..!

GB anyone..
anw,i miss him,always..=)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music Playlist at

today is the fifth day since he went to SG to reach his dreams..=)
my feeling is better than previous time..
because i felt something strange and i feel so sad too..
don't ask me why..
n my daily activities aren 't special..
work then home.. work then home..
here are some random pictures...

indonesia newest rupiah

picture of the day
i miss this time..
of course i miss him too!

by the way, i got my new mobile phone several days ago.
due to my old mobile phone is going to dead soon,so it's better i bought new one..
i bought it because of it's function in internet too..
ok.. one by one of the application can be operated by me..

i think..he's schedule in this new semester is gonna be crowded n extra busy..
i don't know what to do..
just always pray for him n wish him luck..
i'm here always support you,dear...=)

GB all

Sunday, August 9, 2009


one day equals to 24 hours

how 24 hours just like 24 days..

how one day is just like one month

and there still get three months more to go..

i miss you..

Friday, August 7, 2009

thank you

thank you for the time you've been here..

my precious memory and time..

will always miss you


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nights in rodanthe

long time no blogging n i miss it..
yes..i was not feeling really well.. flu n cough attacked me..
well just let you know some bout my date yesterday..
always wonderful because he besided me..

we watched NIGHTs in RODANTHE..
i love the title,the scenes,the beach,the blue room,the love but i hate the ending..
share you some pictures..

the banner?

i love this scene and the beach.. so romantic

both scene i love the most.. u just can feel their love

when the hurricane begin.. first they're quarelling but finally they hug n kiss..hahah

the day when the guy go to find his son. i could feel their feeling,to let somebody we love go far away for quite long time..

the hotel?i don't really know what it's call.. really beautiful but i'm afraid if it could collapse when the hurricane come?

so bad to know the guy was dead because of accident..

okay..that's all...
i am wondering..wondering..
the day is closer again.. i always hate this day..

miss you always..

GB all