Sunday, January 25, 2009


tomorrow will be lunar new year..
waiting 4 it..
gathering with families..

i have my hair cut this morning..
n i straightened it again..
i don't really sure with my new hair cut..
but my mom said it's ok..
anyway,mom always says that..

actually i'd like to go to sun n buy some jewelry..
no one accompany me n no one send me there either..

let's wait..
who knows anyone would send me there..

in additional, i got the best announcement in my life..
i am allegible to follow the entrancce examination 4 NTU..
tx GOD..
this is a great chance 4 me..
i will study hard...
pray 4 me,pliz..

(4 GGP):wait 4 me..hopefully i know it...hehehehe..

wish me luck always....
happy chinese new year...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Relieve nervous only for a while

long time no see...
it's 17th jan 09..
I just start to post something new in my life this month..

ok,let's directly talk about yesterday n today..
I had my speaking test yesterday..
it's hard to describe..
but i found many of them i recognized..
ok,talk bout the test..
the examiner kinda fine..
really nice n hopefully i answered all the question correctly..
i'm afraid it's out of the question..OMG,he even recorded it..
pliz...make this test have a gud mark..
this morning was academic test..
listening,reading n writing..
i dunno how my test i did...i even don't dare to say that " I can"
let this test results a gud mark..(again)
i don't want to waste money n time anymore..
half of the cost of this test is from my own effort..
i don't want to make my mom wasting sth unuseful for me anymore..
pliz GOD..
bless me...

let's wait 4 another announcement..
again..wish me luck...AMIN