Thursday, July 23, 2009

HP accomplished

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okay...these pic which i'd like to post yesterday... i love all of them..
colours n taste..
from him of course...
thanks,dear.... xoxo

yesterday i watched HP already.... finally... hihihihih...
n i watched it at 8.30 p.m..
that was the 1st time 4 me to watch movie so late at nite..
with him n his frens..
luckily mom didn't mind since i'm not very often to go home like that nite..
the movie..what to say..
yes,out of expectation.. but still OK..
there's so few battle scenes,while in the novel they got that scene..
ok..none is perfect so i just need to wait 4 the last chapter rite??
OMG..another years again...

i am so so so happy yesterday..
my heart's beated so fast..
i know it's strange..=)
GB all always..

Monday, July 20, 2009

pink and blue

today is public holiday n i 'm just blogging,browsing, n chatting..
since he's sleeping after bbq-ing n playing futsal with his friends..

i just changed my blog skin..
Mm..kinda hard 4 me..haha..
tx to Cindy 4 helping me...^^

yesterday i went out with him..
to sun n watched ICE AGE's funny..seriously..
few hours not enough to handle my missing..hahaha..i know i'm so egoist..
yesterday i found something n make me jealous..
i won't tell you here.
enough 4 me n him to know it..sigh...

i'd like to post some pictures but i dunno what happened..
so i just post sumthing which i adapted from sumone's blog..

A to Y, reminds me of you..

Afraid. Believe. Confession. Dubai. Egoism of mine. Faith. Gerry. Hug. Immortal. Jennifer's jealousy. Kiss. Long distance Love & Loyalty. Memories & Moment. Nervous. Optimism. Paramour. Quarrel. Rings. September. Truth. Uncontrolled. Valuable. Warmed. X-mas. You.

yes,you mean so much to me..

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm disappointed.
there's no cheerful or happy writing today..
besides,i'll tell you how sad i am becoz my date was canceled twice.

that stupid unknown people bombed two hotels in jakarta and affected whole country including medan.
malls,hotels and several crowded area are being watched by the officers.
since it will be not so safe to go around,yes, we canceled our meeting and i still DUNNO when i could meet him..
it's exactly two weeks i don't meet him..
Oh My.. why there's so many obstacles?
i just want to meet him n spend more time..
he'll be in medan less than 3 weeks..
i pissed off..but not becoz of u dear..

public holiday on monday..i want some vacation..a little vacation only but no one accompany me.
tuesday i have an appointment with dentist.. so it's impossible 4 me to go out with him..
should i wait until wednesday?
i can't imagine that.
i want to watch HP but no tickets..
poor me !
none of my plans run well

i'm exhausted..

GB all

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i want harry potter HBP

emma watson a.k.a hermione granger has always been gorgeus..
but harry potter is not as cute as previous movies..getting older huh?hahaha..
and it's closer to the day oh harry potter HBP premiere in medan..i didn't get the ticket..pity on me... i can't wait to watch it.. hope he can get the tickets..

anyway..he''ll come back tomorrow...
miss him so much..
i won't talk longer..

GB all!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i'm a loner

no spirit at all..
it's the fifth day since he went to singapore with his family..
hope he have a great time with the whole family..
i think he must be so busy..
coz we don't text each other so much..
u must know how much i miss him..
so lonely..
come back soon,dear..
i need u in my days..

how's ur day everyone?

GB always

Thursday, July 9, 2009


no good things..
very full-loaded job..
back from office at 5 for these three days
he's gone to spore till 15th
being left..=P
mymobile phone gonna die soon!
come back soon..