Sunday, October 2, 2011

yes,here I am..
from last september post to early october post.. Time flies..
I have been sooo lazy lately..

September ended already.. my dear month.. am always craving for you..
happy anniversary for both of us,dear.. :)

how are you guys ?
Tomorrow is Monday and i am afraid to imagine how many works I'm going to do since my boss just landed here and there are soooooo many bills that haven't been paid..
but better to finish them soon coz i will be on leave for several days..

yes, I am going to somewhere with my mom..
actually i'm looking forward to visit him on this holidays but my mom doesn't allow me to go there..
I have been thinking so many excuses so my mom will allow me..
but apparently it doesn't work..
maybe it just not the time for me..
next time,dear? next timeeeee.. *fingercrossed*

I have been craving to hang out with my friends..
i miss having fun , i miss everything..
nothing much to say..
just doing the best for what i can do in my life..
hope you are too..

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

lovely September

Hello anyonghaseyoooooo...
i'm so sorry for abandoning my blog.. seems i have no idea what to write down here..
how are you people doing?

I'm doing fine and just so so..
Kinda busy because of Hari Raya and super boring when it come to the holiday..
stay at home and doing housework..
washing dishes is just like my menu everyday -___-

Time flies sooooo fast and i'm pretty amazed that it's already September..
The Month i love the most.. full of memories and yes, today is my birthday !
so this afternoon i went to Sun plaza with Caryn.. it's only both of us and i'm feeling a bit weird..
little surprise came from her and from N and F too ( my friends at PIA )
i am feeling good good good..
even though people i love were not here, but i can feel their love..
yes i miss them so much that i don't wish for anything else but to celebrate our birthday together.. will do ya one day..
too many wishlist till i don't know what to say..
may everything runs well..
oh not forget to mention, skype with him last night, feeling good, at least ease my loneliness a bit..

one thing i dislike for this month, college gonna start soon ( read tomorrow)
argh i don't feel like i'm having holidays for last two months..
okay stop grumbling..
should do the best and hwaiting !!!

i'll try to blog often..

good night everybody..
miss my fellas so much and miss you badly, G..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

need you now

it's 2.27 a.m and i have no idea why i am still awake right now..

and i won't type much..
it's been a gorgeous week..
when he went back here for six days and let me to see him everyday until the time he had to fly back to singapore again..
i was so excited of his arrival yet i knew as soon as he's here, then the time he has to leave soon was so close as well..
there's never enough time for me. ever .
i miss you, when i'm still with you, then you know,how i miss you right now,when you are not right here besides me..

let go yes, move on yes..
just keep waiting for yah... :)
see you, December !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

girl stuffs

how are you doing?
I'm feeling good even though sometimes i feel bored so much..
this afternoon i hang out with two of my besties..
feel so good to meet them..
actually we are five.. but two of them can't make themselves to go back here..
really wish we could gather again..

I'm in holiday and really confuse what i should do after work..
maybe some tuition could help me..
i know my english has been degrading nowadays.. but everytime i try to look for one tuition,it came out nothing..
either my schedule or anything..
okay i should find something to doo..

by the way, i wanna post something girly..
and yes they are accessories .. I'm a huge fan of them..
but this one,i just love to look but don't love to buy..
seems it's in right now,but it won't really trend anymore later..
just share to you..

but this one is obviously one i will have on my own one day.. *amen*

Sunday, July 3, 2011

show me ways, God..

today is Sunday and I've spent time mostly on TV..

i won't tell much things today..
suddenly i'm in a huge dilemma..
am i picking the right choice to study abroad?
am i ready to leave everything here?
i am not a type that easily adapt with new environment..
i'm pretty good in my comfort zone..
yet my mom seems has already convinced herself to let me go..
I need another things that could make me sure enough that everything will be alright..
that's all buddy..
see you next time..

what i'm going to upload but there's an error last time

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy birthday to you

hello , people..
i don't know what to browse plus he asked why i don't update my blog..
so here i ammm...

i have finished my Final, so so so so relieve to free from it..
but i confuse too, what to do in my holiday..
anyway,last week was a disaster..
my mom suddenly keep forcing me to study abroad..
i am in a super massive dilemma..
you know i just cannot leave everything directly here..
i have to think about my present jobs..
what should i say to my boss ?
and i have to be separate again with him with longer distance..
after rethinking for couples of days, i thought i would take my mom's advice..
but we are still not sure..
so many things have to be discuss..

pass it..
i am going to post about someone birthday..
yes, his birthday was two days ago..
too bad i wasn't there..
thanks his friends for helping me to create little surprise for him..
Happy birthday,dear..
May all your dreams come true.. good luck in everything,dear.. :*

i dunno what happened, but i can't upload photos here..
maybe next time..

good night everybody..

Friday, June 17, 2011

long time no see

hello people..
how are yah ??
I'm pretty lazy to update my blog..
please pardon me..
my last post was two months ago..
two months got so much things happened..
but you know what i'm going to tell right now..

May 25th, i went to lovely S city in order to visit him..
that's my main purpose to go there..
i can't stand i have to wait till december to see him..
so Thanks God,I've given this great opportunity to see him..

this time i thought i stayed longer than previous time..
this time is a bit different too..
well he has already started his internship, which means we got time only after he finished his jobs at 6
who cares? as long as i could still spend some time with him right?
then we went to Batam, together with his Uni friends..
so much fun i can tell..
although there's nothing special, but we've spent quality time !
i feel lucky to know his friends..
they are all so nice and friendly..
we stayed for a night,playing cards,chatting and etc..
can't describe them by words..
one word , HAPPY !

not forget to mention about the GSS in S city..
aaaaaa.. i keep regreting for myself.. i'm getting confuse because too many stuffs there till i didn't buy things that i really like.. next time,okay? next timeee..

the best part is to be with him, to spend day with him, to chat with him, to lay myself on his shoulder, to hug and being hug..
the worst part is you know.....

so today is Friday,my final will be started from next Monday..
hectic weekssssss.. can't stand to finish all of them siaaahhhhh..
anyway,wish me luck..
by the way,i am so upset these several days.. it's all because my workmate..
oh God,may You punished her for what she has been doing in the office..

one of my June wishes, may he come back,even just for a while is okay..
*fingercrossed* Amin...

that's all about my short trip and my days..
the actually three months holidays that had been trimmed into five days..
see you see you, G.. *hopefully*

some pictures for you

see you fellas

Sunday, April 24, 2011

i really am

hello,everyone ?
I've checked that i'm almost leaving this blog for approximately two months..
you miss me? i do miss you..
but everytime i try to post something..
there's just a blank page in my mind..
how are you doing?

these two months were so so..
never get rid of jobs, assignments, and yes exams are driving me crazy..
i've picked Business when i'm in third year later..
i don't know whether i'll make it through, seems everyone say that it's the hardest of the others two. i'm not really into teaching and tourism.
okay,just go ahead !

so i've never missed my blog mentioning him..
so are now, it's 24th april, tomorrow is 25th april, which it means officially one more month and i'm going to meet him...
really really can't wait..
and yesterday mom showed me the tix's bill and make me realize it closer to the day..
Dear God, thanks for all of the opportunity that You've given to me..
Thank you..
not forget to mention, Happy Easter everyone..
looking forward to see You and him ;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

pardom me

pardon meee....
i know i have been abandoning my blog..
seems i have nothing to post..
well actually i did, but l am lazy..

i'll post if i have something interesting..
it's almost the end of february..
lovely month ?
yes an no..
no, because i've started my normal activities..
work and school..
the teachers keep torturing us by giving super massive homeworks..
yes because i've got a bunch of roses from him for valentines day..
and i've successfully dried them.. so i need you to tell me how to keep them?

it's sunday...
it's the day of ICN show,which he's a commitee in it..
i've been waiting for this two days..
he is sooooooo busy...
good luck anyway,dear..
and for all of you too !

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day two, getting better

Day one was totally disaster..
with a wake up text, written he's leaving soon..
force myself to wake up while i prefer to stay under my blanket so much and let nobody disturb me..
sometimes i wish i could be someone selfish, to not care what will happen if i were absence from my office.. okay,you know it's hard for me to do so..
yesterday felt so bad,pretending myself okay in front of my colleagues, while i was totally no concentration at all..
luckily by his text and our chats, my sadness is cured step by step..
i'm not that moody even i'm sad..
i'm sorry for being so emo..
i promised i'll cheer up myself,doing something useful,meet him soon *hopefully*
so how are you doing,people ?

i'm gonna post about something blue and lovely..
really craving for them...

yes,this is quite a brand for jewelry.. do you know what i love from this ? the color of the blue.. it so so so beautiful and i keep rebloging them if i found any pictures connected to them..
well, of course the jewelry is beautiful either.. shall save some then ;)


Dear God, this is totally awesomeness.. the scenery and the beach and the resorts and the floating room.. i also found that there's a couple got their pre-wed photo sessions here,it's just amazing.. adding this one to my dreamland lists..

have a nice day everyone ! Take care

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

see you soon, i promise

The tears have dropped for several times before posting this post..
today is our last day of his holiday here..
there's no more to be able to sit next to him,to be able to lay on his shoulder, to be able to "fake-pinch" him, to be able to let him fetch me,to be able to talk each other directly,to be able to sense his warmness and care..
it'll need such a long time to have it all again..

this is the year where he has to started his internship and ruined his holiday..
there's no more holiday this middle of the year..
if i'm not able to visit him, then i've to wait until the end of 2011..
i can't imagine that..
so i'll start planning.. for my off day in the offices, and hopefully i got friends to accompany me there..
then hopefully he'll have time to spend the day with me..
hopefully hopefully..

Dear God,may our plans run well...

" If the days won't allow us to see each other, memories will, and if my eyes can't see you, my heart will never forget you."

Thank you,for giving me such a wonderful days..
keep in touch,and we'll meet soon..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

please don't

in five days, then he'll go back to his ordinary life in Singapore..
it's too quick..too quick..
even i haven't showed all my missing to him..
then he should go back already..
please forgive me..
for my pathetic random post..

Running out of time..
but will spent it carefully..
i miss him,i always miss him, and i will always missing him..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year !!

happy new year..!!!
i don't know how long i've been sleeping today because i', extremely exhausted..
yesterday i spent my new year's eve with my junior high school friends..
i'm so happy even all of us are in different universities , we could still gather like this..
and before i spent my new year's eve, yess,guess what?

i could even scream but i'll do it in my
first day met him,so so so happy and excited..
this time he'll spend his holiday shorter than before..
i have only two weeks and surely it doesn't enough..
nothing i can do..make the great memories for this new year..
i want to spend every day, every single day, with him
please be good to me,time.. i need you to be slower..
and please don't give us so much burden..let us pass this holiday smoothly..

2010,last year..
my great year..some of my resolutions were accomplished..
Thanks God..
hope this year will go smoothly either..
Good luck everyone