Saturday, June 27, 2009

his birthday...

on friday i went to his house..
as i said's a praying ritual..i dunno how to mention it.. hehe..
arrived at his house earlier..confused..what should i do? but nothing i can do..=(
hope his mom don't mind..
i'm very shy all the time when i was there..
but i was happy either..he accompanied me n his fam quite welcome me..
but i'm nervous if i'm a stranger there..well..i am actually..hahaha..
there's no enough food so we went to pizzaHut mWalk coz it's the most possible one to close late at nite since it's already 10p.m.
his bro ride the car n he sat besides me..
i'm so happy..comfort..if only it could be longer..
holding hand each other secretly(hihihi..),had my head on his shoulder a while only..=)
there's still got his another bro n one friend so i don't dare to do more than that..
he care me so much..i'm so happy..tx,dear..

the next day 27th june was his bday..
i thought we couldn't go out..
coz he with his frens,i hang out with mine..
1st we planned to meet each other 4 a while only..
but suddenly his mom asked me to have a dine with whole fam..
after considering it,i followed them..
even not both of us,the most important i met him,rite?hehe..
i got the gud news..
he'll go back to s'pore on 8th and he'll go back to indo on 15th..
argh...he teased me...wasting my tears...!
but i'm so glad..
so much good things happen todays..i forgive you,dear..=)

here's are some pic of his bday presents..
see them..most of the packaging,wrapping,the car i made by myself whole heartedly..
n seems he's happy to accept them..
really my pleasure..
i gave them on 26th june,at night,so he'll have his presents exactly on 27th..=)

i got mine too...=)


GB all...!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

lovely 25th

my one year 9 months relationship with him..

i dunno that i could have a date with him today..
it's a sudden..
the 1st plan was he'll go with his friends to watch transformer..
but u know medan..
since the newest movie..they didn't get tickets..:P
luckily i could go out with him...hehehe

tomorrow will be heading to his house..
the day after tomorrow will be his bday..
so busy yah....

wish me luck pliz..
GB all...!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

undescribeable feelings

what i told u yesterday is finally done..
it's all because of my stupidity..
really stupid n foolish..
to make everyone confuse n ask anyone i know..
luckily it works now..
4 days to his bday n still dunno whether can celebrate it with him or not..
friday i'll go to his pray for him n his brother..
again..always nervous to see his parents yet exciting.. :P

what i want to tell u is now i'm thinking deeply bout his departure on 8th..

i felt this several times..
i think this time would getting better n i won't be so sad to see his leaving..
but it's impossible to let you know.
my heart's always cracking,sad,frightened n finally tears roll out..
please 4 give me..
this what i can't control at all..

only 1 week more then he'll go 4 several months AGAIN.. pathetic..
just skip it..
i'll be busy to finish the b'day card,packaging..
n wait 4 it's picture yah!

GB all..
miss you always

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

confused !

one mission accomplished but i still confused..
it doesn't work as i want..
it's left several days to his bday..
if it doesn't work i will die maybe..
noone can help me..
wish me luck pliz....
GB all !

Sunday, June 21, 2009


hei hooo.....
let me told you bout yesterday...
i had a date with him..
n meet his whole families..
i am always nervous to meet his parents..i'm shy..u know..
but i dunno why..
but still enjoy it..hihi
then we've done one of our list when he's in medan..
we dine in imperial cakery..=)

i try very hard to not think bout his leaving n try to make the greatest-sweetest-memorable moment ever..
preparing 4 his present n etc..
i'll show u the pic when his bday has passed..
no clue coz he'll read this,rite?
hehe..wait 4 it..

here's some pic of my precious things..
using photoscape n tx to Cindy 4 teaching me..hehe..

below pic is extra pic..=)

oldies 17th cake n pic

i wish i were teenager forever..=P

GB all !!
miss him always...
cheers !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

this time i really cry

" i'm surely will leave 8th july"
by the time he texted this,i cried..
today is already 18 th !

what should i do?
nothing rite?
i'm the one being abandoned..

expecting 4 longer time is useless..
coz it's impossible..
it's just too fast..still can't accept this..

bless me,God..
forgive me 4 being such egoist human..
may i use the rest of the time very well..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

unaccomplished date

today such a gloomy day 4 me..
actually it's the day 4 dating..
if there's no obstacle or he won't go out with his family..
but he's sick..
we should postpone it until next tuesday..maybe..
this is another lesson cause i'm expecting too much..hahaha..i'm going crazy

but i dunno what's going on?
i feel sad..more than common sadness i've ever felt..
maybe i miss him so much..
too much that i can't describe..
anw,hope he get well soon..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

first n last

i need some pictures 4 my blog since it's so dead....

yesterday, i had a date with him..xD
but the most terrible one was the movie we watched..
the title is "DRAG ME TO HELL" n watching it seems to be in the hell!
but's very frightening,even he's always got shock..i do also..
he looked so cute...hahahahaha..
i promise,when there's no movie to watch n left the horror or thriller or killing etc movies,better i don't watch at all..really..
this is the first n the last..mybe..hahahaha

yestersay we just met each other but i miss him always..
several hours are not enough..n he's having a tuition until 4 p.m.
our time is being cut again..

i still dunno what present i'm going to give him.. =.='

GB all...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

hatred rain

it's raining when i wrote this
n i do really hate rain plus storm..

gonna off or my internet connection will not work..

whatever,however,whenever,wherever it is

i miss you so much

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

back again?

hello bloggers..
miss u so much.......
i don't have time to ol since my bro used it n again,lame connection..

but i don't have anything special too..
the only special moment when i spent the time with him of course..hahaha..
anyway,it's beginning of june n the days flow so fast..
several weeks to his lovely b'day n he'll back to spore again..
so sad..
if only he stayed here..
let's make great moment then!

another thing

NEW MOOn pictures n trailer..
can't wait for it's premiere !!!!

love this

new moon 11.20.09 on theaters !