Saturday, November 21, 2009

doesn't mean anything

i supposed to post something more than this..
but i don't get any energy..
moody..lonely..confuse.. seems no way out for me..
just wish me luck..could handle all the things in my clear it all.. to be patient.. and another positive things..
now kinda sick with the people in my group of presentation.. even it was the last minute before our presentation,they could sit down in the canteen chat with those not important people.. i don't care anw..

send you music..
always love ALICIA KEYS..
the type of her songs and it..and the piano too..

Music Playlist at

Used to dream of being a millionaire, without a care
But if I’m seeing my dreams and you aren’t there
Cause it’s over
That just won’t be fair, darling

I’d rather be a poor woman living on the street,
No food to eat
Cause I don’t want no pie if I have to cry
Cause it’s over when you said goodbye

All at once, I had it all
But it doesn’t mean anything
Now that you’re gone
From afar, seems I had it all
But it doesn’t mean anything
Since you’re gone

Now I see what’s out through different eyes
So surprised
Being alone it make you realize
When it’s over, “all-in” love was there

Should’ve been there (2x)
Shoulda’ (2x)


I know I pushed you away
But can I do that will safe our love
Take these material things
They don’t mean nothing
It’s you, that I want, ‘s all I want


Should’ve been there (2x)
Shoulda’ (2x)

All at once ,see I had it all
But it doesn’t mean anything
Now that you’re gone
From afar, seems I had it all
But it doesn’t mean anything
Since you’re gone

Thursday, November 12, 2009

will update

will update..
when i am not so busy... arghhh...
post some pictures when i went to brastagi too..
crazy driver..
i never go backto medan from brastagi in healthy condition..
anw.. next time gonna tell you..=)
see yah..
GB anyone..

miss you,dear..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Music Playlist at

hello anyone..
miss blogging too..
but mostly when i started to sign in..
i forgot what i want to say...=P

weekend,no weekend, i need to go to office tomorrow..again..
pity on me..

just tell you sth that makes me in good good mood..
there's a trip from my company to brastagi..
i know brastagi is a common place..
but this time is different i think.. without families but others employee..
i thought i couldn't go there coz no one replace my job.. luckily my aunt can handle that and this is the first time either i'm waiting for Monday..=)

i need refreshing.. really..

however, i got one exam on tuesday..
maybe tomorrow i'll start studying..

December, waiting for you
really really can't wait for his arrival..

miss you much much and much..
how about you?
good luck for your exam.. keep fighting.. support you from here...=)

NEW MOON is coming
another wishes,to watch this with you..

GB all..

Monday, November 2, 2009


just as what i said
just as what i said..
another exams on this coming thursday and tomorrow..

can i have a rest??

GB all..
tke care...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

hectic week

miss both of them too
everyday has been so busy !

thought i won 't have any week day for several weeks..
remember i said that there's a bunch of Homeworks waiting 4 me?
yeah..i' ve done them.. continue to hectic week fill with exams..
OMG... my head gonna burst out.. headache n body almost collapse..

really really hope that the guy i replaced his job gonna recover soon..
monday i have to do october circulation.. even I can't imagine how busy it will be..
plus 10 chapters i should learn for upcoming exam on Monday..

sorry for keep grumbeling..
but it is the fact..
please wish me luck.. can do all the things very very well..
i need my "supplement"..
really hope the time could flow faster..
but i'm happy enough to see him through webcam even only several minutes..
waiting for next week.....

how is your day,everyone?
gud luck and take care..
especially you,dear...

ps. miss you much,always..

GB all..