Tuesday, December 29, 2009

two days left

My God..
it's just left two days then we'll leave everything on 2009..

whether it's new year, won't ever forget anything had happened in this year and previous years..
about family..about school..about love...and about someone...

sometimes i hate the feels of new year..
because when it started to step the new year..
it is gonna closer to the date when someone will leave me for several months..again..
how many days he is here won't ever enough..
i knows i'm sounded selfish..i am anyway..

i wish i could meet him everyday..

supporting myself.. should make another precious moments,rite?
good luck good luck..

for you too,dear..
hope he's exam result to be good..amin..

anyway,belated merry christmas..
meet you on 2010..=)))


Thursday, December 17, 2009

you miss me?

you miss me? don't worry..i miss you either, dear blog... =)..
really don't have much time seems when i'm back from school.. got no more energy to start blogging..
and you know? my holidays even have not started yet..
who cares?haha..

tell you the most important thing..
he is here.. december,that's why i love you...

but i 'm having difficulty where i should go out seems everywhere is super crowded by people...
recommend me some places please?

just gonna make another precious moment when he is here..
i'm begging you to be slower,time.. please?

christmas is around the corner?
what a wonderful month..

miss you everyone..
take care..=)