Friday, March 27, 2009

tiring day

as i guest,exactly!
i had full-loaded job today..
luckily i didn't do mistakes..even it takes long time..

actually i wish to join mom n dad to pray for our ancestor..
i couldn't make it..
because of my work for sure!huh..
oh..n campaign..make the roads stuck totally..
really annoying n i realise it starts to become annoying..

well still don't get new picture..

thats all..
Gb always..
wish us luck n i miss him soo..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

breaking heart

OMG..i had written it before and i should rewrite this??

i really sad because the mobile stripe which he gave me broken n lost..
it's my birthday present!
how could i make it lost?
i'm sorry dear..
it's breaking my heart too..
i want it back..
i swear will cry tonight..
it's part of my best memories..

and i am stress to face the upcoming friday..
tomorrow is holiday..n friday will be full-loaded job..
sir franky will hang me becoz i skip his class..sorry,sir..i don't want too..

GB n wish us luck always..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i don't know

it's rained again..
i start to bore with this weather..
shouldn't it just shiny but not hot?or windy i guest..
it's better..
the gloomy day makes me sleepy..
i bought dvd'es..i've hunting it 4 long time..
still it doesn't complete..
really wish to hav the full numbers..korean movies of course..hahahaha..

dunno wat to say anymore..

Sunday, March 22, 2009


i'm fear of anything..
i worry about everything..

what should i do?

bless him in his final..
4 him-IMU..

God Bless all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

5 words

only five words..
i miss him so bad..

help me

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sadness again?i don't think so

i write earlier today..
i'm afraid i can not do it later..
he;s having a quiz tomorrow..
so wish him luck..i always do so..

it rained again..
seems global warming effects are happening now..
the weather hots like hell in afternoon while it comes to rain in evening..
extreme weather changing rite?

it's so boring u have to know..
well..i just mention what i'm interested one by one now..

i really love "watching" movies..let me share about movies n d actors n actresses..
1. TWILIGHT,movie i love so recently..
i think everyone has known bout this movie n i won't say anything anymore..
what i like is the love between edward and romantic..i'm speechless..:)

2. Korean movies,ex: princess hours..
quite funny movies..touchful of course n the dressses of yoon eun hye are always fashionable!charismatic joo ji hoon..:)
i think that's all..
i don't hav a gud mud to talk so long..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 73's day 73 where h's not here since last 3rd jan..
kinda lonely..(T-T)

Anw,still nothing special today..
just the same..
wake up,bath,breakfast,work,lunch,work,home,watcing TV..
oh!i watched TWILIGHT again.. and i never feel bore of it..gorgeus Edward Cullen..i'm kinda fanatics now..hahahah
the differents is i go t pray in somewhere..
wishes to get a gud result..

and it rained again!
not only today but 4 these few days either.
i dun't like rain..make my heart feels gloomy too

since i dun't have anything to tell anymore,so..
see yah..
wish us luck..

Monday, March 16, 2009


nothing special today..
i'm not in the mood to talk so long...

this morning, i met "org gila" coz i go to work by trisaw..
OMG..he asked 4 money..
then i gave him of he could stay away quickly from me..

my plans didn't work at all..
the streets will be crowded by the politician 4 few days i think..
huh..quite annoying..

that's all..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nothing special weekend

today..i did nothingmeaningful maybe..
but i'm quite happy coz i could sleep longer and no need to wake up in the morning..
guess what?i woke up at 11 a.m..haha..i believe it doesn't happen to me only..
come's sunday..

then i watched TV n there's lots of channels with interesting show..
but to expel my boredom..i follow mom n sist to go around medan..
not all of medan actually..
only around sumatera..haha..i bought some dvd's..
i found a movie with Joo ji hoon as the of my fav actors..hihihihi..
he's famous n u must know him..hahahaha...
but i haven't watched it's ok..i'll have time 4 it..

i arrived home around seven n thinking what to do next..
but i found nothing..
so just read comics n browse the internet while i'm waiting 4 his news..:)

i have planned to do some things..
hope it could run well..
tomorrow i'll do usual activities..i really hope there's something give me more spirit..some exercise maybe?

still praying 4 the best announcement..
wish me luck
4 him->IMU always..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheer Up

i dunno what happen today..
but i fell very light..even though the hardest part is i really miss him..hehe..
let's talk bout today..

what's the english 4 "wisuda" ?
whatever it is,it happened to my sister this morning..
early in the morning,she woke up n prepare everything..
me too,because i need to take number 4 the dentist..
unfortunately i couldn't accompany Mom,because i'm working..haeh..
N seemed it run well..
ok,one problem finished..

then i came back from office..
wait until 6 o'clock and went to dentist..
Gosh..although i knew it won't hurt..still i feel some fear..
and i need to go there next week..again..
you know,it costs so high..haih..

i saw a car with familiar plat number..the 1st thing through my mind is his car..hahaha... patient..only several months sit beside him..(^-^)

i think thats all bout today..
I'm eager to have some new pictures
just wait 4 them..

i miss you,dear..

Friday, March 13, 2009


it's been long time i update my blog since lunar new year..hehe..
as usual,there's nothing really special..
It's March now, and i've finished my exam to enter NTU..
wish me luck please..
I really dunno how the result will be..

After the stressful's continue to daily activities..
work and work..
so boring..
i don't have friends to hang out..
all of them spread into somewhere..
needs sometime to gather with them anymore..
really miss them..

well..the other things..
sometime i see cars which license or type of the car remembering me of him..
i really miss him..
i don't miss the car of course..
but i miss the time when i sat beside him and he will be the one to take me anywhere..
i love the look when he's driving.. and i like the way he drives.
he doesn't like my bro,i don't like the way my bro rides the car..
just like being chase by something and make me headache..

come back soon,dear..
really miss you here..