Monday, December 27, 2010

all the time

loving this song currently..
and i've just finished watching this movie..
korean dramas never dies..
at least they always accompany me..
someone come back soon okay...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

please tell him

Merry Christmas everyone !!
how's your holiday ?
today i stay at home and having dvds marathon..
feels both nice and empty..
i never got a chance to celebrate these day with him..
pretty disappointed...

He's in Jakarta right now...
having fun with family will always make us happy :)
hope you're having lots of fun there..
and i'm waiting sweetly here..
come back soon ;)

Dear God,
i'm sorry for making no effort to visit You every week..
but i'm so so so happy..
at least i got a chance yesterday to praise You..
how lucky i am..
from my deepest heart,Thank you..
bless us always and people in the world..

i miss him so badly.. :(

Sunday, December 19, 2010

if only fairy tales do exist


how are you doing?
hope all of you are doing fine..
i've just finished my first paper yesterday..
and i was shocked by the contain..
too much too difficult and make me wonder how those teachers could create questions like that..
at least i've done my best..
one and half down..
three and half to go..
hope i can survive..

OMG i can't believe i still got time to watch movie yesterday..
feeling guilty but it worth to watch..
present to you,

A Tangled Tale _ Rapunzel

The part when Rapunzel healed Eugene hand by using her magic heart.. loving the song
" Flower,gleam and glow.Let your power shine.Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine.Heal what has been hurt.Change the fates design.Save what has been lost.Bring back what once was mine."

The Lantern part...i love this scene the most.. how they animated the flying and glowing lantern are so amazing..this part is so romantic either..

At last, they live happily ever after.

Yeah,most of fairy tales present happy ending story..
but in the real world.. we don't know what will happen..

good night everyone....
ps waiting for someone to be here soon

Saturday, December 11, 2010

can't avoid this one

hello people...
it's 2.41 now and instead of studying,i am sitting in front of the computer..
please i should kill my boredom for a while..
not until a week then i'll be facing my final..
yes i know i keep repeating those words..
because i can do nothing..well it's better to grumble for a while then i promised will start to study..
i'm in the mood now..
nothing can burden me..
oops,besides of this bad stomachache is killing me..

some of my friends are in hometown,waiting for us to finish our final,and have fun !!!
i can't wait for the end of december or maybe early january..
somebody is coming backk..
let me scream...

fyi,he's having his final too..
omo,exams are kinda torturing..
good luck,dear..
good luck for all of you and me !

some pictures for my dead blog,
where can i find this kind of shoes here ? i adore it much,so nice..


Sunday, December 5, 2010

bored to the max

hello everyone..
sorry for my dead blog..
i have no mood to post recently since nothing's eye catching me..
i keep reminding myself to be patience and may everything runs well..
i've done with my HSK tests and i think it won't be a good one..

i hate telling this but the fact is , yes, final is around the corner..
everyone's final is around the corner..
make me sick sick sick....

i should start to study..

it's enough for today..
i know this isn't an interesting post..
good luck everyone

you too,GGP ..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

be happy

how are you people ?
hope you are doing well,always.. ;)

last week i am so so so worry with my HSK exam..
the fact is, the exam will be postpone until next 28 November..
i feel both relief and sad..
relief i still got time to study,stress out because i can't put down the burdens on my shoulder yet.
fighting fighting..
it is exactly next month, i will be facing my final exams..
Ohmay...really this semester is too much for me..
i know i should stop grumbling and start studying..

Oh..i just watched some DVDs recently..
one of them is " Letters to Juliet "
yes i am too late for this movie..
maybe some people think that this movie isn't that nice as i thought..
but i love the love story..and love Amanda Seyfried
i can't tell the exact story.. just try to watch :)

the vineyards

and i'm waiting for

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

so sad i couldn't watch this with my close friends and him :(

Quote for today :
" Doubt thou the stars are fire.
Doubt that the sun doth move.
Doubt truth be a liar.
But never doubt i love. " - Letters to Juliet..

Good luck for upcoming exams everybody..

p.s. missing dora dora and missing GGP much

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i just have less than five days to prepare my HSK exam.
told you before it's just like mandarin toefl or ielts..
yes today i skipped my class because i didn't think any single thing in today's lesson will cross my mind..i know it's my own thought.. pardon me this time?

my heart doesn't prepare well for this exam..
but i've to follow it..
wish me luck,okay?
i'm in random mood and mostly not in the good mood..

good luck everyone and for him too..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hello november

Hello, November..
one month to december and approximately two months to go,for his arrival >.<
i can't stop saying i want holiday..
need hibernation and take a long long rest..
but it's so hard to make it.. :(

how are you everyone?
tell you i got quite high score for my compre test.. yihiyyy..
but i don.t know how my listening and reading tests gonna be..geee..
both of them are so so so difficult on their exams..
hope me doing well..
and all of you..
i believe all of you no longer will be facing final exams..
good luck and keep on the spirit..
Fighting !!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

our day

random wishes :

how are you ?
yes still i got so many things to doo..
wish me luck.,..and you too,dear..
happy 37 months <3

Saturday, October 23, 2010


hello people people in the world..
how are you,guys ?
always hope you are doing fine..
and me? i bet you know what i'm going to grumble..
oh yes assignments assignments assignments..
plus mid test ! gee..
i haven't prepared myself enough yet..
plus *again* , my HSK (read kinda chinese toefl) exam is around the corner..
oh my oh my.. i really should start to study..

tell you what i'm thinking..
people around me , close to me , are really unpredictable..
anything is possible,really..
make me so sad they fall into troubles..
somehow,make me wonder..
yes there's nothing immortal in this world..
what i can do is to thank God for what i have today.. to have such a great families, friends and my love one.
every failure,trouble,problem make us grow and learn.
once we are down,keep trying.because what you want never comes to us instead we keep struggling for it.

really wish it were holiday..
and really wish i could off from my jobs for several days..

okay,enough enough..
me encouraging myself.. October almost ends.. welcoming November and can't wait for December !!!
i know before that we have to pass exams first..
so fighting everyone !
have a good day..GB and visit's my tumblr at

ps: missyoualways =) take care there and keep on the spirit

Sunday, October 3, 2010

back on the track

i'm back !!
yes for the whole uncertain busy stuff i should get through everyday and should get back soon..
really wish every is friday,saturday. i don't really like sunday, remind me of so much business in monday..
this semester is crazy and worrisome for me..
to finish assignments in a row.. both working and studying.. yes ,i am so exhausted..
how i miss last several month with my ladies and him..
to forget everything about assignments and not so overloaded jobs..
the time we always go to nowhere instead of mall and always trying to go somewhere new..
at last we don't care where we've been, as long as we gather together..
miss you, girls..and mine..
today i'm kinda happy a bit..
because he just came back from his competition in malaysia , which made me couldn't contact him for two days..>.<

another things make me confuse, i couldn't find any nice stuff,where to have make up and hair do, attend my cousin's wedding party.. *sigh*

how are you everyone ? keep on the spirit !!

shared you some :

Potluck at Jo's house

Girls night out *lovelovelove*

the day when five of us are complete !!!! *missallofyou*

one of my fav photos

take care everyone

Monday, September 27, 2010

super blank

i am supposed to write many things here..
but sometimes when i'd like to start to write..
nothing cross my mind..
you know how am i doing recently?
i'm doing bad bad bad..
hectic, tired,exhausted,chaos or any vocabulary that categorized in bad things..
i can't cheer myself up..
help me please?
how are you, everybody?
hope you're doing well..
you too dear..
i'm proud of you..=)
okay,gonna boost up my mood soon and will try so hard to present good writing on my blog..
i know it's so dead miss N.. =p

see you

Saturday, September 18, 2010



suddenly i would like to post something..

forget about my stressful,dreadful,crazy assignments this week..

which make me feel so defenceless.. i need someone you know who to lay on..

i join tumblr..which i was amazed by the great quotes, pictures and so on..

share you one above,and hope they don't mind i picked it..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

last day

Oh my God...
see..last two days i just mentioned it's long weekend in fact i have to face that today is my last holiday..
geez...give me back my long weekend..
i am really really really reluctant to start my boring day again !!
even i feel tired already..okay,it's my mindset..
pardon me for keep grumbling..
not in the mood..
yes,i forgot that i have so much assignment to do..
somehow i don't really care about it..
how are you doing,everyone?
please don't just like me..
cheer up cheer up..
yes,i know i must..
i'm terribly missing someone..
anything could help me??
okay,enough enough..
move on , Jen..
he and the others are struggling out there..
and i must too..
good luck,everyone !!!
Take care everyone..
one of my fav pictures
tell you something,on this day, some of my dreams were accomplished..
feels so great that my dreams come true..
sorry,won't tell you what they were..

just thanks, God !!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


it's long weekend..kinda love it coz i don't have to work and i don't have to go to school either..
of course minus the thing i should do in the house..
how are you,everyone? hope you're doing well..

told you before that i've visited Singapore several weeks ago..
yes i know it's just common place,but you don't know how i wish,think,struggle,prepare hard to go there..people say,after this one,you could go there smoother than this..*amin*
five days,i was accompanied by him..=)
feels so good and i just like don't care what people see about us.
none will recognize us.and that's the most imposibble thing to get when we're in medan.. haha
but my body wasn't really healthy and i missed lots of thing..
next time,i promise..

from holiday to reality..
back to office and school..
busy day is always around and i'm kinda sick of it..
my lessons in the school is getting harder and harder which make me doubt,can i survive with all this stuff?
what i studied before couldn't compare to this one..
fighting fighting..let's rock this one,and hopefully december come soon..
oh,about my birthday..
just common birthday without friends and him, that's what i regret the most..
always wish we could celebrate it together..not this time..
but feel better for the wishes and his call <3<3 i think that's all quick post about what had happened previous month.. i'm waiting for something very precious and important for me,this month.. feel both happy and know why..

have nice day everyone..

Friday, September 3, 2010


yes,it's September..
and how i love love love this month..
you know what had happened in this month..
tell you later..
it's just several minutes more to my birthday..
won't write anything anymore.
just wait and see what i will have tomorrow =)
may it's gonna be my another best day..
good night

miss you so much, G

Sunday, August 29, 2010

prefer see you than goodbye

hello everyone..
i'm sorry for my absence to update my blog..
news for you..
i just came back from my five days short trip to Singapore !!!!
yes,i've completed one of my greatest resolution this year..
photos are coming soon..
so just wait and see ,okay?
a hint for you..

super thank you for him
i'm speechless

Monday, July 26, 2010


so how if i am the " He" ?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

allow me,mom...please?

how's your weekends? mine is just so so..
but today i met my old friends..feel so good to chat one another..
i will be excited if many of us in high school could gathering again,but hard to make it..
seems everyone is so busy and hard to find them either..
what i want to say, today is already 18th july..
oh my God..oh my flows too fast..too fast..
i'm just running out of time..
one by one,they ( who study abroad friends) and him will start their uni life which means they won't be here..
about my fellas,next year gonna be a busy year,and i bet we couldn't hang out as much as this several i just try to spend some quality time with them..may we gather again soon !!
i'll upload some pictures of us later..

and about my time with him..
every time i've spent with him has always been my quality time either..
on december i bet (again),even he'll gonna be here,but i can't spend so much time with him,coz he will get only short holiday..=( ( and so busy either )
remember bout my wish to get a vacation..
i'm so envy with the people when they could fix the time they'll get vacation.
i've told my mom and the boss..
the boss is just okay..but my mom.. it's so hard to make her sure and let me go..
let me go and i promise i'll be safe,mom..
i have so much consideration to convince myself that this august is just the right time to off from my jobs..i am so exhausted.. please,wish me luck and i will keep asking mom.. AMIN

okay enough about the grumbling
photos for you

May we BFF
see yah,and God Bless

Sunday, July 4, 2010

it's not only but it's already

oh my God..
i had written so long before this but this slow-dy internet didn't response at all..
so i have to write it from the beginning???
i guess so..

how are you,guys?
how is your sunday?
should be good huh?
but i'm stucked in the house doing nothing except the driving lesson early in the morning..
please,the railway has always been my biggest enemies in driving..
should pass it,should pass it..
but the tutor (read my driver) still doesn't let me to learn parking the car..
i'm bored to take around..i know i should learn more since i'm still unstable in it.

today is 4th July,come on,it's already 4th July..
sometimes we just don't realize how fast the time flows..
and i'm getting dizzy dizzy and dizzy..
i know i should be patient but pardon me..
i'm not that tough..
be optimist,Jen !!

this week gonna be busy busy week..
i want vacation ! may I ???
wish i could get it soon!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

life is cruel and unpredictable

i think this time didn't take to long for me to blog..
this week just happened so much thing and quite shocked me..

there was a death and there is as birth
there was a friend's leaving hometown while her girlfriend's father passed away right after the boy departed..
there was a car accident that quite shocked me..

it's too much and i don't feel comfortable..
yet i am really excited that someone's coming home tomorrow..
this time i won't think anything,what will i do later,instead of praying,let him has a really really smooth,safe,no burden flight to medan..*finger crossed*
then i would think another else after he has arrived here..

but let me show you some expression of my happiness..
i know it's not in the right time,but pardon me..

i just miss miss miss him too much..
God bless anyone..
take care yourself..

ps: thank you for not leaving comment with weird links despite normal comments..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

new new new

yes,i know it has been long time since the last time i'm blogging..

first,my new header,credits to my cousin..
i think i won't able to do such photoshop things that she did...
quite satisfied enough....=)
what do you think??

previous weeks there's nothing special..
just ordinary activity that you know..
but it's so so so nice since miss NL has come back to town till august..
gossiping,chatting,watching movies..
so nice...

and i am now waiting sweetly for someone arrival which is officially 8 days or one week from now..
i'm too excited..just wishes everything's gonna be alright..
good luck for his competition too...=)

God Bless anyone

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i'll see you soon

guess what i will post today..
one movie accomplished !
actually i wish to watch this in the theater with someone..whatever,at least i've done with this..=)
yes,it's DEAR JOHN..
gonna share some quotes and pictures for you..
i'm melting to feel their love..

" What will you do with a letter that changed everything? "

I like above pictures,both of them are gorgeus

their first kiss in the rain

"It's a full moon tonight. Which makes me think of you. Because i know that no matter what i'm doing, no matter where i am, this moon will always be the same size as yours. Half a world away." , john
"Most night i fall asleep worrying about you.wondering you may be out there.not tonight. tonight you are here with me.",savannah

"Eventually time always runs put. No matter how many years go by. I know one this to be as true as it ever was. I'll see you soon then. " , savannah

i love this movie.their feeling. their deep love each other. even in the middle of the movie shocked me to know that the girl married another guy.
quite happy because this is happy ending movie.
distance oh are so strong could separate people from their homies and love..
but you can't break their feelings one another,hopefully..

after watched this movie,you know what i'm thinking..
make me miss someone more than ever..
how about 'someone?

God Bless everyone.
Take care..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

i'm not a girl,not yet a woman

how's life?
some are having their test,some almost finish their exam and me, one subject more..

i don't have idea why my head is super super spinning..
got stomachache..i hate this pain..
even i'm upside down,wouldn't feel better..
yeah,we have to suffer this every months..

Besides,i am feeling lucky to be a female..
so much reason that i couldn't write anything..but i bet you know it..

last week,my friend's sister passed away.
after she borned the baby and got another complication,so the doctor should do another operation.. but i don't know what's going on..
the rumour said that her sister killed by bleeding to much and the doctor's mistakes in operation.
pity on her,she couldn't grow his boy..
and now the baby is still couldn't cry and still in the incubator box..

i think,mother is the greatest woman in the world
to suffer so much pain in the pregnancy and takes every risk when born her baby..
and don't know need to spend how many years to grow her children..
love your mom,everyone..

two more weeks for NL
one more month for him.. *love love love*
Good luck everyone..=)