Sunday, October 25, 2009

full-loaded homework

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i'm lazy to do my homeworks..
i have done some..
but still got so many things to do.....

i'm very tired these weeks..
seems next week will be just the same..
i'm going crazy...

anyway,another things..
we don't chat for these weeks..
should wait until next week..
everyone will be very busy for the upcoming exam..
okay..i can wait for it,dear..
give me your best score for my sacrifice...=)
i'm joking...=P
but seriously pray for our study..
gud luck,dear...

miss you so...=)

GB anyone...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

told you before

love flower
i'm in "semangat 45" mood today..
promise him n myself right??

sleep earlier is really effective..
but what i'm so mad of is about my avatar you could see on left side....
hiks...i miss one day n i couldn't get extra 200 ribbons..
pity on my pupe...
just forget it...

my score for the quiz is quite well..
but i don't know the mark of one subject..
my friend told me that it's supposed to above 90..hopefully..
if it does,all my score are above 90 plus one perfecto 100 ..
must study hard for the upcoming test on november...fighting!!!
you too,my dear...
gud luck n God bless always...=)

PS: i miss you i do


Monday, October 19, 2009


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today i don't go to my college..
feel not really well and ruin all my day...
something happened while i didn't post anything..

first,one of employee in my company is sick and we don't know when he could go back to work..
and i replace his job..
he's such one of the important role in the company..
can you imagine how much pressure i should suffer coz i replace the things bout money..
everyone knows money is so sensitive...
so for the time i do not know,i should replace him...
just wish me luck i won't do anything wrong or carelessly...

second,it's the month of him being busy..
one more month he'll have the exam..
so the duration of chat or texting will be much reduce from now..
i don't mind it..

just forgive me boy...this time..
i know you don't want me to cry...
i miss you that i couldn't bear these tears roll out for a moment..
just too miss you and too tired...

just several weeks to go..
then you'll right here besides me..

after this post,promise you i'll survive..
to study well and work well..
no matter how much pressure and how much tired i will be..
together to do the best..

n waiting for your arrival on december..=)

fighting!!!ganbate!!!jia you!!!semangat!!!!!
x o x o,

Friday, October 16, 2009

just please don't give up


need more time..

if only there's more than 24 hours a day..

i'll post something..
promise you...

what i want to say...

"please don't give up"
for everyone out there..
especially my friends..and my special one..

sometimes your spirit could be a positive energy for anyone..

but "your" spirit always become mine..
ah..i don't understand what i'm talking too..

GB yah...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

coz ilu

won't update anything..
just post a song that i love recently...

maybe in the weekend,i ' ll post something..

here the song is..

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

nearly lose myself

girls i spent my holiday with last week

it has been a week since i post something to my blog..
my day are pretty busy with college stuff and also my work in the office..
it's so so tired..
luckily i still can survive...for now..

talking about my college..
it's been a month i join it..
pretty fun but sometimes it's super boring and tiring..

first,i know 2 of my friend also study there..even we're not in the same class's better coz i know someone there..
first day of school until now..everything run well..
i can communicate with my classmates well n they are kind enough..
i mean they are really supportive..we're compete one another yet we 're helping one another..

i 'm in dilemma.
when break time, i usually go to look for my old friend who i've already known them long long time ago..
but some of my classmates also asked me to join them..
how i separated my body?
if u asked me,which one the most comfortable, i'll say none of them..
you know i don't talk much n mostly i hear them talking..
i realized in this college life, i couldn't find any close friend and i don't want either..

well well..just see how it's going to be..

i just miss my senior and high school friends..close friends...
and my boy...