Sunday, June 6, 2010

life is cruel and unpredictable

i think this time didn't take to long for me to blog..
this week just happened so much thing and quite shocked me..

there was a death and there is as birth
there was a friend's leaving hometown while her girlfriend's father passed away right after the boy departed..
there was a car accident that quite shocked me..

it's too much and i don't feel comfortable..
yet i am really excited that someone's coming home tomorrow..
this time i won't think anything,what will i do later,instead of praying,let him has a really really smooth,safe,no burden flight to medan..*finger crossed*
then i would think another else after he has arrived here..

but let me show you some expression of my happiness..
i know it's not in the right time,but pardon me..

i just miss miss miss him too much..
God bless anyone..
take care yourself..

ps: thank you for not leaving comment with weird links despite normal comments..