Saturday, January 30, 2010


another weekend and i start to sick bout this..
alone lonely loner..
no one accompany me..
yes my sister did ask me to join her to have a dine with her bf..
but i'm rejected it..prefer sitting in front of the screen waiting someone..
i think he's going to be busy...

just additional,seems i got so many things to do but i don't know how to start..
my mind is so so full for uncertain things..
keep focus,my mind..

r a n d o m

it is the picture of a necklace he gave me when he had a vacation with his friends..
people called it "art of rice" and i think you know it..
i just so in love with the color baby blue which is my fav color
and our name on the rice..
but how stupid i am,to break it into pieces like pic above..
i'm crying when it happened..
forgive me for not taking care your gift
until now still feels so sad..=(

anyway,i just extremely miss someone's touch someone's care
but there're still few months to go..
be patient,jen..
you can through it..

GB all..
take care always..

Friday, January 29, 2010

i miss you

i miss you


miss you..
miss you..
miss you...

i can write those words without feels any bored..
so how?
the fact is i miss you so much...
take care..=)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bad memories

i won't post pictures..

today i don't have idea why one of my friend asking me whether i'm going to try to get in a 'uni' i wish to join previous years..
you know what i mean..

remembered last year,in this month exactly,quite busy with the examination and portfolio stuffs..
happy with the announcement but last with no good result..
i know it's useless to recall something like that..
but i just can not or even never forget that situation..
i don't do any sketch or drawing anymore..
can you imagine that?haha..
but i keep training my mind by making some handmade stuff..

i think i'm going to my tutor house for visit.. miss the grandma that kept supporting me at that moment..=)

move forward,Jen..
another things wait for you in the future..
GB all..

ps:miss you,dear..=)

Monday, January 25, 2010

post cards

hello, everyone..
suddenly i got some ideas to write something in my blog..
hope it's not boring for you..=)

anyways,let me talk bout my boring sunday...
quite happy coz i could wake up not so early..=P
then i'm doing nothing instead of chatting with bestfriend and browsing too..
today is monday,it means full loaded jobs are waiting for me..
luckily i could finish them all...=)

today is our 28 months..*say proudly*
i don't want miss a thing about us..
let me recalling past so i won't forget our precious moment..

love postcards

do you have idea what they are?
they are post cards someone send me for several occasions..
haha..first it's just a trial to try whether it could savely arrived at my house or not.. i think it supposed to be like that..haha.. second,for my birthday.. but i got another great present at my previous birthday after the cards arrived..*miss that moment*
last,it's for our valentine's day.. long distance valentine anyway...=)

just wait for another pictures,k?
seems my blog would not be so boring anymore..

checking one by one the gifts i got from him is make me miss him more and more...

on this day i wish:
- he always be healthy
- his projects,plans,school,uni stuff,anything runs well
- secret wishes won't tell you..=)

GOD Bless all...
love ya,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

weekend oh weekend

post blog in a lonely weekend..
i don't hate weekends..
but i dislike the feel of being lonely in this days..

my day is such a boring day i think..
just wishes the time flows faster..
but i know some people need it to be slower..
anything is ok anyway..

thinking what i ' m gonna to do tomorrow?
ah..i think i got one..

side post,i just like lady gaga songs recently..
don't know why,it's just very nice to listen..=)

hey GGP,wish everything gonna be allright.. hope the best for you..=)

GOD Bless anyone...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

happy very belated new year

i know it's so late already...
but still wanna to say happy new years..
it's still january..=p

anyway..yeah,some things had happened while i didn't update my blog..
he'll leave me..
and i still don't know when i could meet him..
since he won't go to US for internship,but he'll searching an internship in singapore while he'll having holiday this may..
it's ok..coz it's for his goodness.. will always support him...=)'s only half of january and i miss him like i don't see him for months...

i have started my's the only thing make me quite happy coz i 'm in syndrom of laziness..haha..

chine new year is around the corner too..
together with valentine day...
i wish i could celebrate this day with himm.. but effortless..

i think i'm gonna find stuff for the CNY..
cut my hair.. and so on..
i wish i could change my blog skins too..
later on..not in the mood..

okay, of the resolution in 2010
"to be able to drive the car"
and meet him in singapore..

wish anything runs well....=)

ps: i miss you