Sunday, May 24, 2009


no where to go so just stay at home..
i'd spent my day with him yesterday..
always love the time where he besides me..
i bet everyone does too !

i followed the entrance examination yesterday..
it's such a languange school n i think i'm gonna choose chinese literature..
still..i'm really reluctant to join it..
really hope i could have teleport power so i can escape from there directly..
he sent me there..n wait 4 me for 3 hours maybe..
they lied to me..said it just only need to spend an hour..
thanks,dear..for waiting me so long..
do u know it feels really good only to see you sat there reading comics?
so cute...oh..i dunno wat words best describing it..haha..
u really mean so much to me..')3

i think i should buy new headset since my bro's one is broken already...huh..

let me ask all of u,
i really don't get any chance anymore rite?
i'm still sad n really hope this feeling get out from me directly..

hope i have some pic for all of u..
my blog's so dead,huh?

Gb anyone..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


feels better than last several days..
but still sad..
but still hoping that there's miracle on me..

i had a little chat with him..
thanking him..
still having him in this miserable moment..

i'm still fragile n ready to cry anytime..
not in the good mood..

GB always!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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second failure

guess what ?
yes, i've failed..
what i'm really wish to have is rarely happened while the unexpected thing is often happened.
fall into the deepest supermassive black hole..
my eyes had swollen into frog's eyes..
i don't know that my bad felling will turn out like this..
so it's not meeting neighbourhood when i was dating yesterday or meet my mom but it's all about my result..
let me to be pathetic,ok?
this time only..i promise..
let me judge the world is never fair..
let me become desperate coz i can't pursue my dreams at all..
i'm sad coz i'll having LDR again..
why don't they accept me so i won't have this feeling,so i can inhale the same air,so i can spent my special days with him?so my hobbies would become a profession?so i don't need to wait a hundred days?

i hate being lonely n when he'll go back there i dunno wat to do at all..
the feeling of missing him terribly will always close to me..
i wish i'm superwoman..can bear all of this..
but i'm not..

the only positive thing i get is i believe that everything God has decided is the best for me.

let me,again,scream this out loud
" NTU is not everything and they're the one who will regret to not accept me "
just like lying myself huh?
okay..i don't care coz i'm actually dunno what i've written here..
pliz 4give me to write this foolish post..

i'm sorry..
to disappointed you and myself..

again, i wish i were a superwoman .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

my lollipop

try to watch this video..
it's english sub so u'll understand..
i like this song..
very catchy n i like the lyrics too..

don't forget i like k-pop then..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

got him

let me share my happiness

day 129
13th May 09
waited him to fetch me, heart beat fast
got him waiting 4 me inside his car
had him besides me riding the car
sat together

inhale the same o2

looking through his eyes
eyes locked on his smile
had his hand touched mine
perceived his sweet odor
listened the rhythm of his breath
the warmth of his hand
whispered the word " I miss you "(i miss u like u do or even more than yours)

hope this moment will last forever..

i didn't want to go home,if i can..
want him besides me all the time.. egoist huh?
but still thanks,God..
4 the great chance i get after waiting 4 several months..

can't wait 4 the next meeting..(>_<) GB anyone

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Friday, May 8, 2009


hey,i'll tell you that medan got earthquake 4 several seconds just now..
while i was going to have my teeth's my mom turn when it happened..
quite shocking n shacking my body little bit..
becoz of the freezing aircon too..hahaha

then i had my english tuition today @ corpus..i always love to go there..coz i always get something useful n extra knowledge from sir franky..
today he told us this :
" we have 5 fingers..4 of them is almost alike while there's one is unique.. in ur life,u can choose..whether u'd like to be one that is unique or become one of the 4 fingers.
if u choose the unique one,for example u choose the major that different from others,u'll be fine..however if u choose to become the one of that 4 fingers, there is one that the tallest of all,means even u choose ordinary major,u still can become the most attractive from those who's taking that major too.."
of course i'm thingking in my heart..what he had told us is so true..
but still dunno which is mine..haha

i miss him so much....
but i won't think too much..coz the most important is he'll fine-safe-healthy arrived medan..*amin*
n i'll go to work tomorrow even it's public holiday,coz i'm really frightened by the jobs i'll face on monday that is very possible make me couldn't meet him..absolutely big NO !

still don't get any email..i'm thinking to not check them while i'll spend my time with him

Gb anyone!
cheers <3

Thursday, May 7, 2009


i applied to a university in medan this afternoon..
submitted all needed stuff..
i'm very sad..
i'm the one who told my mom to submit the things today yet i'm very reluctant to do so..
coz if i didn't submit it today..i'll spend more money on it n i don't think it's worth..
so yah..i can do nothing..

if i had another option, i wouldn't have done this today..
regret and regret..

pliz,i always make sure myself that i still have chances..
but there's also another things make me pesimist..sigh..
okay..i remember all the advices from my frens, mom, and "him" .
the most important is optimist and pray..
i'll do it..

enough 4 it..

anyway, why these three days seem like three month ??
pliz flow faster this time but be slower when i will pass the time with him..haha..

wish me luck then n
GB averyone..


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

miss "mine"

what to say??
i don't see him even through webcam 4 several days until this 8th..
he's in KL or genting with his buddies..
his life is so colorful huh?after exams,enjoy his day..

be patient..
few days to go then i could have him hugging me..
hope everything runs well..
i'm afraid to think further coz i'm afraid there's always an obstacle to meet him..
pliz..bless me God..

anw,i still don't get any news instead of email from NUS promoting its school..

how's ur day?
may GB always..