Thursday, December 11, 2008

PleAsAnt and PleaSuRe


I had a wonderful day today..

First,I thought I couldn't finish my job at the office..
Seems it's so many..
I have to do the inventory n sales,circulation,check price,logistic..

hopefully,with the power of L**E,hahahaha...
it could run well..

n spent the day with him..
chat about previous moment..

Today,my mom showed weird reaction..
seems like she agreed with us..
but stilll I dun't dare to tell the truth..
Forgive me,Mom..
n be patient,dear..

Then,this coming Sunday will be my cousin'd wedding party..
Everyone is busy with their appearance on the big day,and so do I..

Today will be another wonderful-precious-unforgettable-moment between us..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Loneliness,Adding Pain

Today, for three days continuosly,I visited Sun Plaza again..

Luckily,this time there's a result,because what my mother and my aunt need to buy is finally done..
But I don't really enjoy it..
I have a bad stomachache becoz of sth..
It was the first time I sick of Sun..

Mybe it won't if I go there with him..

Then,another question,what is he doing?
HHe's so busy..

I can understand it,but I am sad too..
I worry about him..
But I can't force to know everything..
Well,wish he come back soon...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lonely in "Happiness"

Actually, I have a nice day yesterday and today..

I hung out with my besties,gossiping,window shopping,having fun after long time no see one another..
Kinda fun..
Besides,discussing about EDWARD CULLEN..
OMG,he's really booming and so cute..

Then today, I went o Sun Plaza again..
With my Mom and sister..
Searching clothes for my bro..
Ultimately,we girls shopped a lot while their's do not..hahaha

Then had dinner and enjoying the day..

But,there is one hole in my heart..
Wondering what he is doing rite know, how he feels rite now.
I am so sad, can't be with him,besides him..
can't do nothing..
But I'm sure he is still fine with his families there..
Missing him a lot..
N wondering,when will he be here?
that's all what I'm thingking all d days...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fall In Love With Twilight

Oh My God.... This movie is so nice.. I watched it this evening with him.. We really enjoyed it very much.. It talked a romance between a vampire and a common girl.. The guy who is a vampire, ready to sacrifice anything for the girl.. It's really romantic..

In additional,The boy is the one who became Cedric in Harry Potter movies.. No wonder he's so familiar..hahaha

I can't wait the next episode..

And of course,I would like to watch it with him again...


Well, don't miss it...

Friday, October 10, 2008

What An Exhausted Day!

Tired morning........... Boring afternoon..... Stressing evening.....
fiuh......Well,it is all for my goodness to achieve the best for my future..

The only thing that made me happy is I can communicate with my beloved one at Singapore.. We've already been far apart for several months.. It's kinda hard for me.. hehe..

Anyway,please wish me luck..
Another frightening day is closer and closer..

God Bless..