Sunday, February 27, 2011

pardom me

pardon meee....
i know i have been abandoning my blog..
seems i have nothing to post..
well actually i did, but l am lazy..

i'll post if i have something interesting..
it's almost the end of february..
lovely month ?
yes an no..
no, because i've started my normal activities..
work and school..
the teachers keep torturing us by giving super massive homeworks..
yes because i've got a bunch of roses from him for valentines day..
and i've successfully dried them.. so i need you to tell me how to keep them?

it's sunday...
it's the day of ICN show,which he's a commitee in it..
i've been waiting for this two days..
he is sooooooo busy...
good luck anyway,dear..
and for all of you too !