Sunday, May 30, 2010

new new new

yes,i know it has been long time since the last time i'm blogging..

first,my new header,credits to my cousin..
i think i won't able to do such photoshop things that she did...
quite satisfied enough....=)
what do you think??

previous weeks there's nothing special..
just ordinary activity that you know..
but it's so so so nice since miss NL has come back to town till august..
gossiping,chatting,watching movies..
so nice...

and i am now waiting sweetly for someone arrival which is officially 8 days or one week from now..
i'm too excited..just wishes everything's gonna be alright..
good luck for his competition too...=)

God Bless anyone

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i'll see you soon

guess what i will post today..
one movie accomplished !
actually i wish to watch this in the theater with someone..whatever,at least i've done with this..=)
yes,it's DEAR JOHN..
gonna share some quotes and pictures for you..
i'm melting to feel their love..

" What will you do with a letter that changed everything? "

I like above pictures,both of them are gorgeus

their first kiss in the rain

"It's a full moon tonight. Which makes me think of you. Because i know that no matter what i'm doing, no matter where i am, this moon will always be the same size as yours. Half a world away." , john
"Most night i fall asleep worrying about you.wondering you may be out there.not tonight. tonight you are here with me.",savannah

"Eventually time always runs put. No matter how many years go by. I know one this to be as true as it ever was. I'll see you soon then. " , savannah

i love this movie.their feeling. their deep love each other. even in the middle of the movie shocked me to know that the girl married another guy.
quite happy because this is happy ending movie.
distance oh are so strong could separate people from their homies and love..
but you can't break their feelings one another,hopefully..

after watched this movie,you know what i'm thinking..
make me miss someone more than ever..
how about 'someone?

God Bless everyone.
Take care..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

i'm not a girl,not yet a woman

how's life?
some are having their test,some almost finish their exam and me, one subject more..

i don't have idea why my head is super super spinning..
got stomachache..i hate this pain..
even i'm upside down,wouldn't feel better..
yeah,we have to suffer this every months..

Besides,i am feeling lucky to be a female..
so much reason that i couldn't write anything..but i bet you know it..

last week,my friend's sister passed away.
after she borned the baby and got another complication,so the doctor should do another operation.. but i don't know what's going on..
the rumour said that her sister killed by bleeding to much and the doctor's mistakes in operation.
pity on her,she couldn't grow his boy..
and now the baby is still couldn't cry and still in the incubator box..

i think,mother is the greatest woman in the world
to suffer so much pain in the pregnancy and takes every risk when born her baby..
and don't know need to spend how many years to grow her children..
love your mom,everyone..

two more weeks for NL
one more month for him.. *love love love*
Good luck everyone..=)