Monday, September 27, 2010

super blank

i am supposed to write many things here..
but sometimes when i'd like to start to write..
nothing cross my mind..
you know how am i doing recently?
i'm doing bad bad bad..
hectic, tired,exhausted,chaos or any vocabulary that categorized in bad things..
i can't cheer myself up..
help me please?
how are you, everybody?
hope you're doing well..
you too dear..
i'm proud of you..=)
okay,gonna boost up my mood soon and will try so hard to present good writing on my blog..
i know it's so dead miss N.. =p

see you

Saturday, September 18, 2010



suddenly i would like to post something..

forget about my stressful,dreadful,crazy assignments this week..

which make me feel so defenceless.. i need someone you know who to lay on..

i join tumblr..which i was amazed by the great quotes, pictures and so on..

share you one above,and hope they don't mind i picked it..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

last day

Oh my God...
see..last two days i just mentioned it's long weekend in fact i have to face that today is my last holiday..
geez...give me back my long weekend..
i am really really really reluctant to start my boring day again !!
even i feel tired already..okay,it's my mindset..
pardon me for keep grumbling..
not in the mood..
yes,i forgot that i have so much assignment to do..
somehow i don't really care about it..
how are you doing,everyone?
please don't just like me..
cheer up cheer up..
yes,i know i must..
i'm terribly missing someone..
anything could help me??
okay,enough enough..
move on , Jen..
he and the others are struggling out there..
and i must too..
good luck,everyone !!!
Take care everyone..
one of my fav pictures
tell you something,on this day, some of my dreams were accomplished..
feels so great that my dreams come true..
sorry,won't tell you what they were..

just thanks, God !!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


it's long weekend..kinda love it coz i don't have to work and i don't have to go to school either..
of course minus the thing i should do in the house..
how are you,everyone? hope you're doing well..

told you before that i've visited Singapore several weeks ago..
yes i know it's just common place,but you don't know how i wish,think,struggle,prepare hard to go there..people say,after this one,you could go there smoother than this..*amin*
five days,i was accompanied by him..=)
feels so good and i just like don't care what people see about us.
none will recognize us.and that's the most imposibble thing to get when we're in medan.. haha
but my body wasn't really healthy and i missed lots of thing..
next time,i promise..

from holiday to reality..
back to office and school..
busy day is always around and i'm kinda sick of it..
my lessons in the school is getting harder and harder which make me doubt,can i survive with all this stuff?
what i studied before couldn't compare to this one..
fighting fighting..let's rock this one,and hopefully december come soon..
oh,about my birthday..
just common birthday without friends and him, that's what i regret the most..
always wish we could celebrate it together..not this time..
but feel better for the wishes and his call <3<3 i think that's all quick post about what had happened previous month.. i'm waiting for something very precious and important for me,this month.. feel both happy and know why..

have nice day everyone..

Friday, September 3, 2010


yes,it's September..
and how i love love love this month..
you know what had happened in this month..
tell you later..
it's just several minutes more to my birthday..
won't write anything anymore.
just wait and see what i will have tomorrow =)
may it's gonna be my another best day..
good night

miss you so much, G