Monday, December 27, 2010

all the time

loving this song currently..
and i've just finished watching this movie..
korean dramas never dies..
at least they always accompany me..
someone come back soon okay...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

please tell him

Merry Christmas everyone !!
how's your holiday ?
today i stay at home and having dvds marathon..
feels both nice and empty..
i never got a chance to celebrate these day with him..
pretty disappointed...

He's in Jakarta right now...
having fun with family will always make us happy :)
hope you're having lots of fun there..
and i'm waiting sweetly here..
come back soon ;)

Dear God,
i'm sorry for making no effort to visit You every week..
but i'm so so so happy..
at least i got a chance yesterday to praise You..
how lucky i am..
from my deepest heart,Thank you..
bless us always and people in the world..

i miss him so badly.. :(

Sunday, December 19, 2010

if only fairy tales do exist


how are you doing?
hope all of you are doing fine..
i've just finished my first paper yesterday..
and i was shocked by the contain..
too much too difficult and make me wonder how those teachers could create questions like that..
at least i've done my best..
one and half down..
three and half to go..
hope i can survive..

OMG i can't believe i still got time to watch movie yesterday..
feeling guilty but it worth to watch..
present to you,

A Tangled Tale _ Rapunzel

The part when Rapunzel healed Eugene hand by using her magic heart.. loving the song
" Flower,gleam and glow.Let your power shine.Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine.Heal what has been hurt.Change the fates design.Save what has been lost.Bring back what once was mine."

The Lantern part...i love this scene the most.. how they animated the flying and glowing lantern are so amazing..this part is so romantic either..

At last, they live happily ever after.

Yeah,most of fairy tales present happy ending story..
but in the real world.. we don't know what will happen..

good night everyone....
ps waiting for someone to be here soon

Saturday, December 11, 2010

can't avoid this one

hello people...
it's 2.41 now and instead of studying,i am sitting in front of the computer..
please i should kill my boredom for a while..
not until a week then i'll be facing my final..
yes i know i keep repeating those words..
because i can do nothing..well it's better to grumble for a while then i promised will start to study..
i'm in the mood now..
nothing can burden me..
oops,besides of this bad stomachache is killing me..

some of my friends are in hometown,waiting for us to finish our final,and have fun !!!
i can't wait for the end of december or maybe early january..
somebody is coming backk..
let me scream...

fyi,he's having his final too..
omo,exams are kinda torturing..
good luck,dear..
good luck for all of you and me !

some pictures for my dead blog,
where can i find this kind of shoes here ? i adore it much,so nice..


Sunday, December 5, 2010

bored to the max

hello everyone..
sorry for my dead blog..
i have no mood to post recently since nothing's eye catching me..
i keep reminding myself to be patience and may everything runs well..
i've done with my HSK tests and i think it won't be a good one..

i hate telling this but the fact is , yes, final is around the corner..
everyone's final is around the corner..
make me sick sick sick....

i should start to study..

it's enough for today..
i know this isn't an interesting post..
good luck everyone

you too,GGP ..