Sunday, April 25, 2010

tough week tough day tough month

i am absolutely sure that all of you are busy with the assignments and exams stuff..
i do either but i'm not in the mood to do it..
this week i'm going to have 3 subjects for the exam.. i haven't prepared any yet..
but i will..don't worry..

anyway,he's busy with his exams..
miss him..
should be patient after his exams..
argh,it's supposed to meet him in May..
but he's having a more month..
but i'll have a nice time with Ms. NL and other fellas...=)

i feel something weird if i don't add any pictures,so here you are..

some scene in the movie..
i am so so so excited with this movie..
but i'm dunno whether i could watch this with him or not..

anyway,thanks for visiting my blog and giving any comment..
some comment i dunno what it means..
please write it in english so i'll understand what are yo talking about..

God bless all..
miss you and bona fortuna

Monday, April 12, 2010

don't burn

i got headache seems the weather is too hot..
too hot that i'm not in the mood of studying or working..
windy day please come..
how's your day,people?
some's going to have ther final exam,huh?
pretty busy i think.. good luck for you..

anyway,just wanna to talk something about my fav..
maybe some people wonder,why i love blue so much..
okay,not that much..i mean i don't persist all my stuff should be in blue..
but i just love to see the color..
some source said that the color of blue means calm,relax,cooling..i do feel it..
just see the pictures below..

wasn't it fascinating?
i just love the blue sky and ocean..=)

for your information,

Velisia Catherina Sutanto
this seven-year-old girl suffered from Leukimia.
for anyone who visit my blog,please help her by your pray..
hopefully my sister will find some way to get some money to donate her..
God Bless you,anyone..

take care..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

solutions come to me please

weekends oh weekends..
finally i could reach you after this burning-lazy-tiring week

i forgot when we got earthquake early in the morning and i'm scared..
luckily it didn't black out when it happened..
then as usual,there are always assignments everyday...
i need vacation..

by the way,i watch clash of titans yesterday,not in 3D
i think it's quite nice..with the legend of Gods such as Zeus,Poseidon and Hades..
remember the Percy Jackson movie?he's a Demigod,son of Poseidon..
while in this movie,it's talk about another Demigod,Perseus,son of Zeus..
quite complicated too..but i like it..
from all the Gods in Greek i know,number one is still Poseidon and his sons...=)

my mind is spinning,about when is the best time to have a vacation to SG ?
seems it's so complicated and still no solutions..
too much thinking and consideration..
Show me the way,God..

i browsed this randomly,to refresh my mind..
R A I n B O W

love to see the colors.
life is full of colors.. how sweet our life be is the colors just like the rainbow..
but still the best colors is

everyone is going to be busy..
holiday please come to me..i'm exhausted..
good luck for final exam everyone,especially You..
mine is still two months to go...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

yay yay yay

i am blogging randomly and suddenly..
while webcaming with him..
this made me so happy after several month...=)
miss miss miss him so much.

i have to wait two months more..
be patient,Jen!

anyway,i'm also so stupid to recall the bad memories after seeing someone's status in fb about the university in SG..
okay,i should move on..and i am moving on..
but wounds may stop bleeding but some will leave scarce..

but i'm okay..
won't care about it anymore..hopefully..
all i care is something connected to him in that uni..=)

God bless all..
God bless him..
God bless us..
God bless you...
and Happy Easter day !!