Monday, October 25, 2010

our day

random wishes :

how are you ?
yes still i got so many things to doo..
wish me luck.,..and you too,dear..
happy 37 months <3

Saturday, October 23, 2010


hello people people in the world..
how are you,guys ?
always hope you are doing fine..
and me? i bet you know what i'm going to grumble..
oh yes assignments assignments assignments..
plus mid test ! gee..
i haven't prepared myself enough yet..
plus *again* , my HSK (read kinda chinese toefl) exam is around the corner..
oh my oh my.. i really should start to study..

tell you what i'm thinking..
people around me , close to me , are really unpredictable..
anything is possible,really..
make me so sad they fall into troubles..
somehow,make me wonder..
yes there's nothing immortal in this world..
what i can do is to thank God for what i have today.. to have such a great families, friends and my love one.
every failure,trouble,problem make us grow and learn.
once we are down,keep trying.because what you want never comes to us instead we keep struggling for it.

really wish it were holiday..
and really wish i could off from my jobs for several days..

okay,enough enough..
me encouraging myself.. October almost ends.. welcoming November and can't wait for December !!!
i know before that we have to pass exams first..
so fighting everyone !
have a good day..GB and visit's my tumblr at

ps: missyoualways =) take care there and keep on the spirit

Sunday, October 3, 2010

back on the track

i'm back !!
yes for the whole uncertain busy stuff i should get through everyday and should get back soon..
really wish every is friday,saturday. i don't really like sunday, remind me of so much business in monday..
this semester is crazy and worrisome for me..
to finish assignments in a row.. both working and studying.. yes ,i am so exhausted..
how i miss last several month with my ladies and him..
to forget everything about assignments and not so overloaded jobs..
the time we always go to nowhere instead of mall and always trying to go somewhere new..
at last we don't care where we've been, as long as we gather together..
miss you, girls..and mine..
today i'm kinda happy a bit..
because he just came back from his competition in malaysia , which made me couldn't contact him for two days..>.<

another things make me confuse, i couldn't find any nice stuff,where to have make up and hair do, attend my cousin's wedding party.. *sigh*

how are you everyone ? keep on the spirit !!

shared you some :

Potluck at Jo's house

Girls night out *lovelovelove*

the day when five of us are complete !!!! *missallofyou*

one of my fav photos

take care everyone