Wednesday, November 17, 2010

be happy

how are you people ?
hope you are doing well,always.. ;)

last week i am so so so worry with my HSK exam..
the fact is, the exam will be postpone until next 28 November..
i feel both relief and sad..
relief i still got time to study,stress out because i can't put down the burdens on my shoulder yet.
fighting fighting..
it is exactly next month, i will be facing my final exams..
Ohmay...really this semester is too much for me..
i know i should stop grumbling and start studying..

Oh..i just watched some DVDs recently..
one of them is " Letters to Juliet "
yes i am too late for this movie..
maybe some people think that this movie isn't that nice as i thought..
but i love the love story..and love Amanda Seyfried
i can't tell the exact story.. just try to watch :)

the vineyards

and i'm waiting for

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

so sad i couldn't watch this with my close friends and him :(

Quote for today :
" Doubt thou the stars are fire.
Doubt that the sun doth move.
Doubt truth be a liar.
But never doubt i love. " - Letters to Juliet..

Good luck for upcoming exams everybody..

p.s. missing dora dora and missing GGP much

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i just have less than five days to prepare my HSK exam.
told you before it's just like mandarin toefl or ielts..
yes today i skipped my class because i didn't think any single thing in today's lesson will cross my mind..i know it's my own thought.. pardon me this time?

my heart doesn't prepare well for this exam..
but i've to follow it..
wish me luck,okay?
i'm in random mood and mostly not in the good mood..

good luck everyone and for him too..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hello november

Hello, November..
one month to december and approximately two months to go,for his arrival >.<
i can't stop saying i want holiday..
need hibernation and take a long long rest..
but it's so hard to make it.. :(

how are you everyone?
tell you i got quite high score for my compre test.. yihiyyy..
but i don.t know how my listening and reading tests gonna be..geee..
both of them are so so so difficult on their exams..
hope me doing well..
and all of you..
i believe all of you no longer will be facing final exams..
good luck and keep on the spirit..
Fighting !!!