Sunday, April 24, 2011

i really am

hello,everyone ?
I've checked that i'm almost leaving this blog for approximately two months..
you miss me? i do miss you..
but everytime i try to post something..
there's just a blank page in my mind..
how are you doing?

these two months were so so..
never get rid of jobs, assignments, and yes exams are driving me crazy..
i've picked Business when i'm in third year later..
i don't know whether i'll make it through, seems everyone say that it's the hardest of the others two. i'm not really into teaching and tourism.
okay,just go ahead !

so i've never missed my blog mentioning him..
so are now, it's 24th april, tomorrow is 25th april, which it means officially one more month and i'm going to meet him...
really really can't wait..
and yesterday mom showed me the tix's bill and make me realize it closer to the day..
Dear God, thanks for all of the opportunity that You've given to me..
Thank you..
not forget to mention, Happy Easter everyone..
looking forward to see You and him ;)