Sunday, July 10, 2011

girl stuffs

how are you doing?
I'm feeling good even though sometimes i feel bored so much..
this afternoon i hang out with two of my besties..
feel so good to meet them..
actually we are five.. but two of them can't make themselves to go back here..
really wish we could gather again..

I'm in holiday and really confuse what i should do after work..
maybe some tuition could help me..
i know my english has been degrading nowadays.. but everytime i try to look for one tuition,it came out nothing..
either my schedule or anything..
okay i should find something to doo..

by the way, i wanna post something girly..
and yes they are accessories .. I'm a huge fan of them..
but this one,i just love to look but don't love to buy..
seems it's in right now,but it won't really trend anymore later..
just share to you..

but this one is obviously one i will have on my own one day.. *amen*

Sunday, July 3, 2011

show me ways, God..

today is Sunday and I've spent time mostly on TV..

i won't tell much things today..
suddenly i'm in a huge dilemma..
am i picking the right choice to study abroad?
am i ready to leave everything here?
i am not a type that easily adapt with new environment..
i'm pretty good in my comfort zone..
yet my mom seems has already convinced herself to let me go..
I need another things that could make me sure enough that everything will be alright..
that's all buddy..
see you next time..

what i'm going to upload but there's an error last time