Saturday, February 27, 2010

belated valentine

dear, Blog..
i know it's very very very late to post something connected to valentine's day..
it's even nearly the end of february..
but who cares? i'd like to post it..
before i write something,to someone who gave comment in my previous blog..
may i know who are you?or just write something in english maybe? my chinese is not that good.. thank you..=) visit my blog again..

okay...valentine's day..
something full with love love love and flowers like roses...

i always wish that i could find fresh blue roses like pictures above here..
or when i'm traveling anywhere else?
it's beautiful..=)

one hundred roses means Love until death,or a hundred years,whatever come first..

well i won't dreaming for a hundres roses,single roses is enough i think..=P
it's the strongest emotion saying "I Love you ",it shows deepest affection and the simplicity of one.

wanna know my valentine gifts ?

do you know i'm a little bit pissed off and almost didn't want to send this thing and throw it away?
since i got so many uncertain burdens made by my"friend",he postponed everything and i'm mad to the max..
alone to the post office and they're really not welcoming people..
i made mistake by writing the wrong room..OMG
arrived at SG but takes so long to arrived at his hand..
luckily it in his place now..
tx, least this things safely arrived..

the card
i won't write more bout his since he has not read it..
just wait..=)

anyway,school will start soon..
i am really really reluctant to go back to school..i want more holiday...

ps: i miss you, do you know it?

GB anyone..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new idol

have you watch percy jackson and the lighting thief ??
i am really really excited with this movie..
it's connected with Poseidon.. means it connected to water and blue..
my fav color...hahaha..
the movie is nice i think.. kinda funny..
at least it amused me for a while...

Logan Lerman
i've started to like this guy..
if only he's a little bit taller..
he do have a very gorgeous deep blue eyes..
can i have his eyes?
come on..dreaming i know...=P

i forgot her name..
in the movie,she is the daughter of Athena..
i love her too.. and jealous with her beautiful eyes..

the Satyr is funny..
when he's dancing with the poker face song..haha..

so i'm waiting for the next one..
seems it has another sequels..

anyway,where is Dear John?
it hasn't premiered here yet....
poor Medan! i want Dear John....

side story..
i'm so so bad mood this several days.. it supposed to be happy day right?=(

GB anyone..

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan berarti dia sedang mengeluarkan senjata terampuhnya,
melainkan justru sedang mengeluarkan senjata terakhirnya...

Ketika wanita sedang menangis, itu bukan berarti dia tidak berusaha menahannya,
melainkan karena pertahanannya sudah tidak mampu lagi membendung air matanya...

Ketika wanita menangis, itu bukan berarti dia ingin terlihat lemah,
melainkan karena dia sudah tidak sanggup berpura-pura kuat...

find this from my friends..
sometimes i feel happy coz some people in the world,don't care who are they,with their quotes or anything supports us,women..

these few days,feels so tired in the office..
my whole body is so painful.. the heat in medan too..
just like gonna burst out.. who cares me anyway?

few days to CNY and valentine's day..
pretty excited..
hope anything runs well...=)

what's on my mind:
"Woman is not a wonder woman.. I am not either.."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

movies on february..

one of my friends wishes,she asked me to not keep posting someone presents..
actually still some to go..but okay..
as you wish,love...=P

i found some movies that gonna release this february..
wish the movies i can watch here..

valentine's day..
it told to be one of the movie with the great star in it such as Julia Robert, Double Taylor,Anne Hathaway, and so on..
i don't really interested in this movie but i would like to watch when it's premiere here..


but this one i really really have to watch.. the author of Nights in Rodanthe.
i've ever wrote about that movie in my previous blog.
Can you imagine how romantic this movie will be?
i like the star..i'm afraid this gonna be sad ending movie..
i haven't watch The Notebook and A walk to remember too..OMG
unfortunately i don't have someone accompany me to watch this..
and i hope this movie will premiere in medan soon..
here is the trailer..
hope you enjoy it..and take care everybody..=)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


it's saturday nite..
time to relax and looking
for someone..
anyway,it's kinda busy these several days..
coz it's closer to CNY and Valentine's day..

supposed i have to workover..

i don't want.. can i reject it? i don't think so..but i'll try to escape..haha

about my header pictures, they're some gifts from him..

two of them he has too. just another precious things for me..=)

i love anything from him

including this one..=P

God Bless All..

ps: i miss you...take care

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lovely february...

i know when it's come to february,it always sounds something with love love love...
i love this month too..
but pretty busy in the office..
can you imagine how to check those candies and sweets..
so tiredd.. and i need my hair cut soon..
pray for me that all my plans run well..

anyway anyway..
my boy's soccer team won their match to semifinal..
happy for them either..=)

*serious mode on*
i love this one.. so much reason that i could not tell why... >_<
just wait for another pictures,k?
take care everyone..=)

miss you