Sunday, March 28, 2010

long time no see

i know my blog is super boring and no updates..
pardon me because i'm really exhausted with the assignment stuff..
plus the exams are around the corner..
i just feel my body gonna collapsed..hopefully not..
how's your day everybody?

i got some incident that made me upset..
you know some relatives just don't show that they are part of family instead of keep annoying other family?they talked about brotherhood but they even don't worth it.
it proved today when my dad,mom,bro and I go to suburb for praying..
two of seven..great..i don't care least they don't bother my dad..

okay,lets talk about something amusing..
yesterday the whole world participated in Global Earth Hour..
i googled some pictures of my fav they are..






london,i love this one

last but not least
i really wish to join that but i couldn't afford bad..
next year,ok?i'll try to..=)

another big event i'm waiting for...


i'll post the trailer maybe..but i bet you must have watched it..
and i can watch this with him..
yey yey yey...=)

miss you everyone,and of course you Mr. GGP =)
good luck for upcoming exams..=)

GB all

Sunday, March 7, 2010

full version

pictures above are the complete version of my gifts for him..i took around one month for me to prepare them all.. plus my 'kind' friend postponed them to arrived in singapore for several days..won't talk bout that too much..
the point is those things savely arrived there..
i'm not in the mood of writing too much..
just let the pictures speaks

yes,i've started my uni..
and the teachers are getting crazy with our homework..
so tired and busy..
i'm tired this week..inside and outside..
cheer up, can through it..

you too,dear..i miss you..
take care everyone..