Friday, January 21, 2011

Day two, getting better

Day one was totally disaster..
with a wake up text, written he's leaving soon..
force myself to wake up while i prefer to stay under my blanket so much and let nobody disturb me..
sometimes i wish i could be someone selfish, to not care what will happen if i were absence from my office.. okay,you know it's hard for me to do so..
yesterday felt so bad,pretending myself okay in front of my colleagues, while i was totally no concentration at all..
luckily by his text and our chats, my sadness is cured step by step..
i'm not that moody even i'm sad..
i'm sorry for being so emo..
i promised i'll cheer up myself,doing something useful,meet him soon *hopefully*
so how are you doing,people ?

i'm gonna post about something blue and lovely..
really craving for them...

yes,this is quite a brand for jewelry.. do you know what i love from this ? the color of the blue.. it so so so beautiful and i keep rebloging them if i found any pictures connected to them..
well, of course the jewelry is beautiful either.. shall save some then ;)


Dear God, this is totally awesomeness.. the scenery and the beach and the resorts and the floating room.. i also found that there's a couple got their pre-wed photo sessions here,it's just amazing.. adding this one to my dreamland lists..

have a nice day everyone ! Take care

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

see you soon, i promise

The tears have dropped for several times before posting this post..
today is our last day of his holiday here..
there's no more to be able to sit next to him,to be able to lay on his shoulder, to be able to "fake-pinch" him, to be able to let him fetch me,to be able to talk each other directly,to be able to sense his warmness and care..
it'll need such a long time to have it all again..

this is the year where he has to started his internship and ruined his holiday..
there's no more holiday this middle of the year..
if i'm not able to visit him, then i've to wait until the end of 2011..
i can't imagine that..
so i'll start planning.. for my off day in the offices, and hopefully i got friends to accompany me there..
then hopefully he'll have time to spend the day with me..
hopefully hopefully..

Dear God,may our plans run well...

" If the days won't allow us to see each other, memories will, and if my eyes can't see you, my heart will never forget you."

Thank you,for giving me such a wonderful days..
keep in touch,and we'll meet soon..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

please don't

in five days, then he'll go back to his ordinary life in Singapore..
it's too quick..too quick..
even i haven't showed all my missing to him..
then he should go back already..
please forgive me..
for my pathetic random post..

Running out of time..
but will spent it carefully..
i miss him,i always miss him, and i will always missing him..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year !!

happy new year..!!!
i don't know how long i've been sleeping today because i', extremely exhausted..
yesterday i spent my new year's eve with my junior high school friends..
i'm so happy even all of us are in different universities , we could still gather like this..
and before i spent my new year's eve, yess,guess what?

i could even scream but i'll do it in my
first day met him,so so so happy and excited..
this time he'll spend his holiday shorter than before..
i have only two weeks and surely it doesn't enough..
nothing i can do..make the great memories for this new year..
i want to spend every day, every single day, with him
please be good to me,time.. i need you to be slower..
and please don't give us so much burden..let us pass this holiday smoothly..

2010,last year..
my great year..some of my resolutions were accomplished..
Thanks God..
hope this year will go smoothly either..
Good luck everyone