Monday, July 26, 2010


so how if i am the " He" ?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

allow me,mom...please?

how's your weekends? mine is just so so..
but today i met my old friends..feel so good to chat one another..
i will be excited if many of us in high school could gathering again,but hard to make it..
seems everyone is so busy and hard to find them either..
what i want to say, today is already 18th july..
oh my God..oh my flows too fast..too fast..
i'm just running out of time..
one by one,they ( who study abroad friends) and him will start their uni life which means they won't be here..
about my fellas,next year gonna be a busy year,and i bet we couldn't hang out as much as this several i just try to spend some quality time with them..may we gather again soon !!
i'll upload some pictures of us later..

and about my time with him..
every time i've spent with him has always been my quality time either..
on december i bet (again),even he'll gonna be here,but i can't spend so much time with him,coz he will get only short holiday..=( ( and so busy either )
remember bout my wish to get a vacation..
i'm so envy with the people when they could fix the time they'll get vacation.
i've told my mom and the boss..
the boss is just okay..but my mom.. it's so hard to make her sure and let me go..
let me go and i promise i'll be safe,mom..
i have so much consideration to convince myself that this august is just the right time to off from my jobs..i am so exhausted.. please,wish me luck and i will keep asking mom.. AMIN

okay enough about the grumbling
photos for you

May we BFF
see yah,and God Bless

Sunday, July 4, 2010

it's not only but it's already

oh my God..
i had written so long before this but this slow-dy internet didn't response at all..
so i have to write it from the beginning???
i guess so..

how are you,guys?
how is your sunday?
should be good huh?
but i'm stucked in the house doing nothing except the driving lesson early in the morning..
please,the railway has always been my biggest enemies in driving..
should pass it,should pass it..
but the tutor (read my driver) still doesn't let me to learn parking the car..
i'm bored to take around..i know i should learn more since i'm still unstable in it.

today is 4th July,come on,it's already 4th July..
sometimes we just don't realize how fast the time flows..
and i'm getting dizzy dizzy and dizzy..
i know i should be patient but pardon me..
i'm not that tough..
be optimist,Jen !!

this week gonna be busy busy week..
i want vacation ! may I ???
wish i could get it soon!