Sunday, September 4, 2011

lovely September

Hello anyonghaseyoooooo...
i'm so sorry for abandoning my blog.. seems i have no idea what to write down here..
how are you people doing?

I'm doing fine and just so so..
Kinda busy because of Hari Raya and super boring when it come to the holiday..
stay at home and doing housework..
washing dishes is just like my menu everyday -___-

Time flies sooooo fast and i'm pretty amazed that it's already September..
The Month i love the most.. full of memories and yes, today is my birthday !
so this afternoon i went to Sun plaza with Caryn.. it's only both of us and i'm feeling a bit weird..
little surprise came from her and from N and F too ( my friends at PIA )
i am feeling good good good..
even though people i love were not here, but i can feel their love..
yes i miss them so much that i don't wish for anything else but to celebrate our birthday together.. will do ya one day..
too many wishlist till i don't know what to say..
may everything runs well..
oh not forget to mention, skype with him last night, feeling good, at least ease my loneliness a bit..

one thing i dislike for this month, college gonna start soon ( read tomorrow)
argh i don't feel like i'm having holidays for last two months..
okay stop grumbling..
should do the best and hwaiting !!!

i'll try to blog often..

good night everybody..
miss my fellas so much and miss you badly, G..

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