Friday, June 17, 2011

long time no see

hello people..
how are yah ??
I'm pretty lazy to update my blog..
please pardon me..
my last post was two months ago..
two months got so much things happened..
but you know what i'm going to tell right now..

May 25th, i went to lovely S city in order to visit him..
that's my main purpose to go there..
i can't stand i have to wait till december to see him..
so Thanks God,I've given this great opportunity to see him..

this time i thought i stayed longer than previous time..
this time is a bit different too..
well he has already started his internship, which means we got time only after he finished his jobs at 6
who cares? as long as i could still spend some time with him right?
then we went to Batam, together with his Uni friends..
so much fun i can tell..
although there's nothing special, but we've spent quality time !
i feel lucky to know his friends..
they are all so nice and friendly..
we stayed for a night,playing cards,chatting and etc..
can't describe them by words..
one word , HAPPY !

not forget to mention about the GSS in S city..
aaaaaa.. i keep regreting for myself.. i'm getting confuse because too many stuffs there till i didn't buy things that i really like.. next time,okay? next timeee..

the best part is to be with him, to spend day with him, to chat with him, to lay myself on his shoulder, to hug and being hug..
the worst part is you know.....

so today is Friday,my final will be started from next Monday..
hectic weekssssss.. can't stand to finish all of them siaaahhhhh..
anyway,wish me luck..
by the way,i am so upset these several days.. it's all because my workmate..
oh God,may You punished her for what she has been doing in the office..

one of my June wishes, may he come back,even just for a while is okay..
*fingercrossed* Amin...

that's all about my short trip and my days..
the actually three months holidays that had been trimmed into five days..
see you see you, G.. *hopefully*

some pictures for you

see you fellas

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