Sunday, October 2, 2011

yes,here I am..
from last september post to early october post.. Time flies..
I have been sooo lazy lately..

September ended already.. my dear month.. am always craving for you..
happy anniversary for both of us,dear.. :)

how are you guys ?
Tomorrow is Monday and i am afraid to imagine how many works I'm going to do since my boss just landed here and there are soooooo many bills that haven't been paid..
but better to finish them soon coz i will be on leave for several days..

yes, I am going to somewhere with my mom..
actually i'm looking forward to visit him on this holidays but my mom doesn't allow me to go there..
I have been thinking so many excuses so my mom will allow me..
but apparently it doesn't work..
maybe it just not the time for me..
next time,dear? next timeeeee.. *fingercrossed*

I have been craving to hang out with my friends..
i miss having fun , i miss everything..
nothing much to say..
just doing the best for what i can do in my life..
hope you are too..

courtesy of tumblr

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