Wednesday, June 29, 2011

happy birthday to you

hello , people..
i don't know what to browse plus he asked why i don't update my blog..
so here i ammm...

i have finished my Final, so so so so relieve to free from it..
but i confuse too, what to do in my holiday..
anyway,last week was a disaster..
my mom suddenly keep forcing me to study abroad..
i am in a super massive dilemma..
you know i just cannot leave everything directly here..
i have to think about my present jobs..
what should i say to my boss ?
and i have to be separate again with him with longer distance..
after rethinking for couples of days, i thought i would take my mom's advice..
but we are still not sure..
so many things have to be discuss..

pass it..
i am going to post about someone birthday..
yes, his birthday was two days ago..
too bad i wasn't there..
thanks his friends for helping me to create little surprise for him..
Happy birthday,dear..
May all your dreams come true.. good luck in everything,dear.. :*

i dunno what happened, but i can't upload photos here..
maybe next time..

good night everybody..

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